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Vendor: PMI
Exam Code: PgMP
Exam Name: Program Management Professional (PgMP)

A risk response in a project in your program has actually caused new risks. What term is assigned to the new risks that a risk response has created?

A.    Reactionary risks
B.    Chain risks
C.    Secondary risks
D.    In flux risks

Answer: C

You are the program manager for your organization. You have proposed a program that will cost $750,000 and will last for four years. Management is concerned with the cost of the program in relation to the return your program will bring. If the rate of return is six percent what is the minimum value your project should return in four years based on the investment of the program?

A.    $750,000
B.    $795,000
C.    $750,001
D.    $946,857

Answer: D

You are the project manager for the JJY Project, which is similar to the HHG Project you managed last quarter. You would like to model the current project scope on the previous project to save time and effort. This is an example of what kind of scope definition?

A.    Analogous estimating
B.    Organizational process assets
C.    Parametric scope definition
D.    Template driven

Answer: D

You are the program manager for your organization. You are examining the order of the activities in your program schedule and would like to change some of the ordering to alleviate scheduling conflicts, risks, and based on your experience with the discipline the program uses. Some of the activities you can rearrange while some of the activities must be completed in a particular order.
What term describes the activities that must happen in a particular order?

A.    Mandatory dependencies
B.    Finish on constraints
C.    Benefits management dependencies
D.    Discretionary dependencies

Answer: A

What quality control chart compares two or more variables over time to determine how closely the variables may be related to one another?

A.    Run chart
B.    Scatter diagram
C.    Control chart
D.    Pareto diagram

Answer: B

All of the following are resources that need to be monitored and controlled except for which one?

A.    Equipment
B.    Staff
C.    Quality
D.    Facilities

Answer: C

What schedule analysis simulation tool allows you, the project manager, to review possible combinations of events such as optimistic, most likely and pessimistic outcomes for your project?

A.    PERT
B.    GERT
C.    PMIS
D.    Monte Carlo

Answer: D

All of the following are resources that you will need to monitor and control in a program environment except for which one?

A.    Staff members
B.    Contracts
C.    Quality
D.    Equipment

Answer: B

You are the program manager for your organization. Your program will create a new condominium in your community. There are several concerns about the condos including the timing, the local economy, the environment, and the proposed schedule. You and your team are creating the program management plan to address these concerns along with identifying the constituent projects that will build the structures and deliverables. What group will need to review your program plan to approve the plan before you may proceed in the work?

A.    The local government
B.    The change control board
C.    The stakeholders
D.    The program board

Answer: D

What cost estimating approach uses the work breakdown structure to create a cost estimate?

A.    Analogous
B.    Definitive
C.    Top down
D.    Parametric

Answer: B

Part of your job as the program manager is to coach the project managers on their duties and goals. One of the project managers, Holly, is having trouble discerning the difference between quality assurance and quality control. She understands that she needs both to help you reach the program goals. Which statement best describes quality control for a project within your program?

A.    Quality control is a management-driven effort to plan the work properly so the work is done according to plan.
B.    Quality control is an inspection-driven process to keep mistakes out of the customers’ hands.
C.    Quality control is a management-driven policy to do the work correctly the first time.
D.    Quality control is an inspection-driven process to prove the existence of the requirements.

Answer: B

Which project management meeting allows stakeholders to meet one another and to learn about the project?

A.    Project scope review
B.    Project authorization meeting
C.    Project status meeting
D.    Project kick-off meeting

Answer: D

You are the program manager of the NHQ Program. The program has reached its final deliverable and the certificate of completion has been created for the program. What else should you, the program manager, create at this time?

A.    Life cycle costing estimates
B.    Lessons learned documentation
C.    Operational transfer plan
D.    Program closure reports

Answer: D

Ned is the program manager for his organization and he’s considering some new materials for his program. He and his team have never worked with these materials before and he wants to ask the vendor for some additional information, a demon, and even some samples. What type of a document should Ned send to the vendor?

A.    RFI
B.    RFP
C.    RFQ
D.    IFB

Answer: A

If a program has a budget of completion of $550,000, is 25 percent complete, and has spent $135,000 what is the cost variance (CV)?

A.    .99
B.    -$2,500
C.    $2,500
D.    1.02

Answer: C

Which benefit measurement method considers the value of each time period’s return for a project that will create deliverables over multiple time periods?

A.    Net present value
B.    Future value
C.    Present value
D.    Cost-Benefit ratio

Answer: A

Which of the following types of floats are available? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

A.    Half float
B.    Full float
C.    Total float
D.    Free float

Answer: CD

You are the program manager of the YHT Program. You have been working with a vendor in the program but have decided that the contract between your program and the vendor needs to be terminated. What two things must be documented if you wish to terminate a vendor’s contract?

A.    Contract and the quality measurements for the vendor’s work
B.    The scope verification document and the termination notice
C.    Contract and scope verification process documents
D.    Work that has been completed and uncompleted work

Answer: D

In your program you must adhere to Six Sigma as part of your organization’s enterprise environmental factors. There is terminology, reports, and measurements that you are expected to use as part of your program. Six Sigma is an example of what program management process?

A.    Quality control
B.    Process improvement
C.    Scope verification
D.    Quality assurance

Answer: D

You are the program manager of the NHQ Program. You will need to initiate six projects for your program. When should project initiating happen within a program?

A.    Whenever the program needs to initiate projects, it may, as long as the program has not entered the closing processes of the program.
B.    With program execution
C.    With program initiation
D.    With program planning

Answer: A

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