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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-541
Exam Name: Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Essentials

The Worklist service in WebCenter Spaces refreshes automatically with new messages, alerts, and notifications every _____minutes. (This is the default.)

A.    60
B.    15
C.    30
D.    45

Answer: B

Identify three core modules of ADF Business Components.

A.    Entity Object
B.    View Object
C.    Web Service
D.    Application Module
E.    EJB

Answer: ABD

As a WebCenter Spaces user, when you view My Worklist items, the window refreshes and two items no longer appear. What caused the Worklist items to be removed?

A.    Any Worklist item that is no longer of the Open state is removed from the Worklist during the next refresh.
B.    Any Worklist item that is no longer of the UnRead state is removed from the Workiist during the next refresh.
C.    Any Worklist item that is no longer of the Assigned state is removed from the Worklist during the next refresh.
D.    Any Worklist item that is no longer of the Completed state is removed from the Worklist during the next refresh.

Answer: C

You want to create a custom list based on an existing template. From the Create List dialog box, select a template to create the new custom list. Which three choices are valid selections?

A.    Issues
B.    Milestones
C.    Objectives
D.    Projects

Answer: ABC

Which option best describes the resource catalog?

A.    A resource catalog is a file that lists all the users registered with WebCenter Spaces.
B.    A resource catalog is a run-time tool that is loaded with WebCenter spaces, which allows users to communicate with the back-end databases.
C.    A resource catalog is a listing of tools and services that can be added into the page at run time.
D.    A resource catalog is a dictionary that contains all the business rules required for Oracle Composer.

Answer: B

Which three steps are needed for using task flows with business components in multiple applications?

A.    Create the task flow in each application.
B.    Create the task flow once.
C.    Deploy the task flow to an ADF Library.
D.    Add the ADF Library to the web (UI) project.
E.    Import the task flow in each application.

Answer: BCD

Which option describes how to customize a wiki page component in Oracle Composer?

A.    Using any editor, open the ADFComponent.xml file in the services folder, and then edit the file where the wiki component is listed with the required customization. Save the file.
B.    In the edit mode, edit the wiki page component by clicking the pencil icon and modifying the Source parameter. Click Save.
C.    Select Group Spaces. Click Settings. Click Add/Remove components. Add Wiki component.
D.    Click to the Wiki page. Select the pencil icon to go into edit mode. Select the Customization tab to make customizations. Click Save to save the changes.

Answer: B

You are using WebCenter Spaces and want to add content to a page using the Content Presenter. On the Content Page, select the Content Source. You need to define and enter query criteria to select content and define the order in which the content displays on the page. What do you select?

A.    Content under a folder
B.    Single Content Item
C.    Results of a Query
D.    List of items

Answer: C
Which option best describes the fundamental purpose of an Enterprise portal?

A.    A portal application that presents static content
B.    A portal application that will have back-end connectivity with applications as well databases
C.    A portal that will provide a component-based environment that would allow dynamic customization of components as well as the application
D.    A portal that is designed to host a shopping cart for purchased products and allow users to purchase with either cash or credit card

Answer: B

In Oracle Composer, which two options describe the type of pages that are available out of the box?

A.    The Business Analytics Page
B.    The Wiki Page
C.    The Web Page
D.    The Worklist Page

Answer: BC

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