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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass SAP C_TFIN22_66 VCE And PDF Instant Download (21-30)

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center:

How do you receive the internal activities in the material cost estimate using a logistic quantity structure?

A.    Assign the responsible cost center and its activities directly to the routing header.
B.    Assign a cost center and its activities in the work center of the routing operation.
C.    Assign a cost element with type 43 (internal activity allocation) to the routing operation.
D.    Assign a cost center and its activities to the bill of material.

Answer: B

Which of the following do you define in a library of the Report Painter?

A.    Report groups and reports.
B.    Formats and format figures.
C.    Predefined columns and rows.
D.    Characteristics and key figures.

Answer: D

A customer in a high-inflation country produces goods consuming raw materials with high price differences.
Which option allows the roll-up of these price differences to the final product?

A.    Use moving average price for all materials.
B.    Use actual activity price determination in Cost Center Accounting.
C.    Implement Actual Costing in the Material Ledger.
D.    Implement Transfer pricing in the Material Ledger.

Answer: C

What do cost center categories allow you to do?(Choose two)

A.    Determine the use of cost centers in cost allocations.
B.    Provide default values for new cost centers (for example, block indicators).
C.    Restrict cost center planning to specific cost elements.
D.    Restrict the assignment of specific activity types.
E.    Determine the usage of cost centers for certain methods of activity allocation.

Answer: BD

Identify the four main Types of roadmaps reviewed. (Choose four)

A.    Upgrade Roadmap
B.    Solution Management Roadmap
C.    Implementation roadmap
D.    Solution Roadmap
E.    Download Roadmap
F.    Global template roadmap

Answer: ABCF

Why should you use extracts in Report Painter reports?

A.    To reduce runtime.
B.    For automatic data aggregation.
C.    To reduce use of space in the database.
D.    For automatic updates when new postings are added.

Answer: A

Which of the following integration scenarios exist in SAP ERP?(Choose two)

A.    Personnel Cost Planning with Asset Accounting (FI-AA)
B.    Fl integration with Payroll
C.    PA master data with CO cost centers
D.    Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) integration with PP confirmations

Answer: C

Which of the following is the typical sequence of steps in an ASAP roadmap?

A.    Business blueprint -> Project preparation -> Final preparation -> Realization -> Go-live and
B.    Project preparation -> Final preparation -> Business blueprint -> Realization -> Go-live and
C.    Project preparation -> Business blueprint -> Realization -> Final preparation -> Go-live and
D.    Project preparation -> Realization -> Business blueprint -> Final preparation -> Go-live and

Answer: C

Which information is transferred when you settle an Internal Order to costing-based CO-PA?

A.    Cost component split of the order cost.
B.    Characteristic values of the settlement rule.
C.    Variance categories of the internal order.
D.    All information of the internal order master data.

Answer: B

How can you set up segment reporting in the New GL?(Choose two)

A.    By defining segment master records in the application.
B.    By assigning segments in the master record of the profit center.
C.    By assigning segments in the master record of the cost center.
D.    By activating the scenario segment reporting in the customizing.

Answer: BD

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