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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass SAP C_TBW55_73 Latest Exam Dumps Download (21-30)

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center:

Which Data Services object types do you use when building data integration and data quality objects? (3 correct answer(s))

A.    Transforms
B.    Jobs
C.    Data Foundations
D.    Business Layers
E.    Projects

Answer: ABE

Which of the following settings can you make for error handling in the data transfer process?
(2 correct answer(s))

A.    Write invalid records into the target InfoProvider.
B.    Process the correct records and allow reporting on them.
C.    Process the correct records and do NOT allow reporting on them.
D.    Get all new data in source request by request.

Answer: BC

What must you create to use data transfer process (DTP) error handling? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    A DTP with extraction mode FULL
B.    A DTP with extraction mode INITIAL
C.    A process chain using the DTP
D.    A DTP with the transfer method Persistent Staging Area (PSA)

Answer: A

Which BW objects are essential for extracting and loading data from a source system into an InfoCube when using the new data flow technology in SAP NetWeaver 7.x BW? (3 correct answer(s))

A.    Transfer Rule
B.    DataSource
C.    Transformation
D.    InfoSource
E.    Data Transfer Process

Answer: BCE

Which Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA. layer do you use to compound or concatenate values? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Data Acquisition Layer
B.    Business Transformation Layer
C.    Data Propagation Layer
D.    Harmonization Layer

Answer: B

How do you copy an existing data flow into an InfoCube? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Use transaction RSZC and enter the technical name of the InfoCube.
B.    In the Data Warehousing Workbench, choose Copy Data Flow in the context menu of the InfoCube.
C.    Transport the data flow to the Myself system and change the source of the data flow.
D.    In the Metadata Repository, select the InfoCube, view the data flow, and choose copy.

Answer: B

You want to show attribute data for a characteristic that is valid on the 1st of the current month. How do you model this? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Model the master data by adding it as a characteristic in the dimension.
B.    Model the master data by adding a time-dependent navigation attribute.
C.    Model the master data as a time-dependent navigation attribute of the characteristic.
D.    Model the calendar day in the time dimension.

Answer: C

How do you maintain InfoObject catalogs in BW? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Create InfoObjects in your catalog via the context menu.
B.    Create an InfoArea in your catalog and add or delete InfoObjects.
C.    Create InfoObjects in your catalog via the Metadata Repository.
D.    Access the catalog in change mode and add or delete InfoObjects.

Answer: AD

What change can you make to a BW object that contains data without deleting data?
(1 correct answer(s))

A.    Add a key figure as a key field to a DataStore Object (DSO).
B.    Add a key figure to an InfoCube.
C.    Delete a key field of a DataStore Object (DSO).
D.    Remove the time-dependent flag for an InfoObject attribute.

Answer: B

The Layered Scalable Architecture encompasses multiple different layers for different purposes. Which of the following LSA layers are designed for query access? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Corporate Memory
B.    Data Propagation Layer
C.    Virtualization Layer
D.    Harmonization Layer
E.    Reporting Layer

Answer: CE

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