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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass Offering Free C_TPLM30_67 Dumps Files For Free Downloading By C_TPLM30_67 Exam Candidates (61-70)

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center:

What purpose does the maintenance planner group serve?

A.    It determines which maintenance call object the system generates for a due maintenance call.
B.    It identifies a person or a group of persons who is responsible for planning maintenance activities for a number of technical objects.
C.    It identifies a person who is part of the main work center and who acts as the supervisor.
D.    It represents a person or a group of persons who is responsible for maintaining task lists.

Answer: B

Your customer uses the dynamic availability check for stock material.
Where does the system check material availability for an operation?

A.    In all plants where material inventory exists
B.    Only in the plant where the material has been reserved
C.    Only in the plant where the material is flagged with the special stock indicator for maintenance stock
D.    In all plants where the material is managed with serial numbers

Answer: B

A customer wants to define an order type that includes a notification when the order is created.
Which Customizing step(s) must you perform?

A.    Assign the notification type to the order type according to plant assignment in Customizing.
B.    Set the indicator for notification data or order header and assign the notification type to the order type in Customizing.
C.    Set the Notification indicator for the order type according to plant assignment in Customizing.
D.    Assign the notification type to the order type in Customizing.

Answer: B

Which of the following steps must you perform to customize priorities for a maintenance order?

A.    Assign a priority type to an order type.
B.    Assign priorities to technical object master records.
C.    Assign a priority type to a technical object master record.
D.    Assign priorities to order types.

Answer: A

Your customer needs a maintenance order type for use with Test Equipment Management in a maintenance plan.
Which Customizing setting must you make for the order type?

A.    Assign an inspection lot to order type only.
B.    Create an order type for Test Equipment Management.
C.    Assign an inspection type to an order type with plant assignment.
D.    Create a plant for inspection lots.

Answer: C

What are the prerequisites for order settlement? (Choose three)

A.    The order must be technically completed.
B.    The order has not been settled previously.
C.    A settlement rule must be created for the order.
D.    The order must be released.
E.    The settlement profile used in the order type must allow settlement.

Answer: CDE

Which of the following combinations must you use to create a single-cycle maintenance plan for an external service?

A.    A maintenance order for settlement and an outline agreement
B.    A framework order and a maintenance order for settlement
C.    A framework order and a subcontract purchase order
D.    A subcontract purchase order and an outline agreement

Answer: B

Your customer wants to utilize estimated costs in Plant Maintenance orders.
Which condition does the customer need to be aware of?

A.    Planned costs overwrite estimated costs after release of the order.
B.    A specific order type in which cost estimates are activated must be used.
C.    Planned costs must not exceed the estimated costs.
D.    Upon release of the order, estimated costs cannot be revised.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the usage list for equipment history? (Choose two)

A.    To display changes to history-related fields in an equipment master record
B.    To display the list of previous equipment operators
C.    To document the number of breakdowns for an object
D.    To track where the equipment was installed

Answer: AD

What step activates the Warranty subscreen as part of the equipment master data record?

A.    Setting the Master Warranty indicator in the equipment master data
B.    Setting the Use-in-Equipment indicator in the Master Warranty transaction
C.    Adding the Warranty subscreen in View Profiles for Technical Objects
D.    Adding the Warranty subscreen in the Object Information view of the equipment master data record

Answer: C

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