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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass Latest C_TAW12_731 PDF Guarantee 100% Pass C_TAW12_731 (31-40)

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center:

Which SELECT statement will always bypass the SAP table buffers?


Answer: D

What is required to fully specify a Table Type in the ABAP Dictionary? (Choose three)

A.    Access type
B.    Table key
C.    Table size
D.    Line type
E.    Header line

Answer: ABD

Which options do you have to read data from multiple tables while using a SELECT statement? (Choose three)

A.    Nested select statements
B.    Nested loop statements
C.    Database views
D.    Join statements
E.    Pooled tables

Answer: ACD

How can you improve the performance when accessing a large data volume database table?

A.    Apply the appropriate data class and size category.
B.    Switch the database table to fully buffered.
C.    Define appropriate indexes for the database table.
D.    Change the table type in the dictionary

Answer: C

What do you need to have in your program to respond to the DOUBLE_CLICK event raised by an instance of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class? (Choose three)

A.    A SET HANDLER statement to register the handler to the event
B.    A method to read the registration table
C.    A handler method for the event
D.    A CATCH statement to capture the event
E.    A handler class

Answer: ACE

You want to define two database tables with different structures. Both tables should contain the fields CHANGE_DATE and CHANGE_TIME. How do you implement this in order to minimize the maintenance effort?

A.    Define a structure with these two fields and include this structure in both database tables.
B.    Define an append structure with these two fields and assign this append structure to both database tables.
C.    Define the two fields in each database table separately.
D.    Define the two fields in one database table and copy them to the other database table.

Answer: A

Which statement is used to generically define the data reference variable z1?

A.    data z1 type any
B.    data z1 type any table
C.    data z1 type ref to PA0001
D.    data z1 type ref to data

Answer: D

dbtab is a transparent table. What is declared by the following statement? DATA myvar TYPE dbtab.

A.    A structure variable
B.    An elementary field
C.    An internal table
D.    A reference to an internal table

Answer: A

You defined data reference z1 generically. Which statement would you use to access the content of the referenced variable?

A.    Assign (z1) to <fs>
B.    Assign z1 to <fs>
C.    Assign z1->* to <fs>
D.    Get reference of z1 into wa

Answer: C

You are using the new debugger and you want to change the content of an internal table. Which actions are allowed? (Choose three)

A.    Delete the entire contents of a table.
B.    Change row content and press Save (<CTRL> + S).
C.    Delete table from memory.
D.    Delete the selected rows.
E.    Change row content and press Enter (<ENTER>).

Answer: ADE

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