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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass C_TBW45_70 Dumps PDF Free Download (21-30)

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center:

Which of the following benefits can be realized when SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure is used to integrate SAP NetWeaver BI with multiple sources systems? (Choose two)

A.    SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure reduces the number of peer-to-peer connections to the BI system.
B.    SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure can load data directly into InfoCubes and DataStore Objects.
C.    SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure provides a central place to manage protocols and communications.
D.    SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure functionality replaces transformation capabilities from SAP NetWeaver BI.

Answer: AC

Universal Data Connect (UD Connect) supports data access seamlessly across both SAP and non-SAP systems. Which of the following are components of UD Connect? (Choose two)

A.    DB Connect
B.    JDBC Connector
C.    XMLA Connector
D.    DBSL (Database Shared Library)
E.    UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration).

Answer: BC

When should VirtualProviders based on Data Transfer Processes be used? (Choose three)

A.    When real-time data is needed from source systems.
B.    When only small data volumes are transferred to the queries.
C.    When a query is executed several times a day by many users.
D.    When the query is executed by only a few users at the same time and the data volume required is low.
E.    When the query requires large data volumes.

Answer: ABD

Which of the following capabilities are included in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Document Integration? (Choose three)

A.    Mail merge
B.    Online editing and creation of documents
C.    Uploading documents via BEx Web
D.    Document archiving
E.    Knowledge Management and Collaboration Services for documents

Answer: BCE

A Key Figure InfoObject … (Choose two)

A.    … can carry master data when used as an attribute of a characteristic.
B.    … can have, amongst others, the data type Amount, Quantity or Number.
C.    … can have an exception aggregation. This field sets how the key figure is aggregated in the Business Explorer in relation to a given reference characteristic. Example: AVG (average).
D.    … can be used as a key field of a DataStore Object.

Answer: BC

What are the options available when choosing types of master data (attributes, texts, hierarchies) in the definition of characteristic InfoObjects? (Choose three)

A.    A characteristic InfoObject contains either all types of master data or no master data at all.
B.    Each individual master data type can be defined separately for each characteristic InfoObject.
C.    You can define a characteristic InfoObject that contains time-dependent texts and timeindependent attributes.
D.    If an attribute is time-dependent, it follows that the texts and all other attributes are timedependent as well.
E.    There are characteristic InfoObjects for which no text tables exist, but which contain attributes nevertheless.

Answer: BCE

Which of the following terms exist in the definition of the delta method? (Choose three)

A.    Delta type
B.    Delta queue
C.    Record mode
D.    Serialization
E.    Update mode

Answer: ACD

What are key benefits in using the BI Accelerator? (Choose three)

A.    Fast and stable query response times
B.    Reduced need of aggregates
C.    Predictable data load processing times
D.    Reuse of database-specific optimization features
E.    High scalability
F.    Reduced memory consumption of OLAP Cache

Answer: ABE

Which of these statements about loading data to SAP NetWeaver BI from flat files are correct? (Choose three)

A.    The data of the file must be separated by commas.
B.    Flat files can contain header lines.
C.    The order of the fields of the DataSource must match the structure of the file.
D.    DataSource fields can be automatically proposed from the flat file structure.

Answer: BCD

Organizations that are ‘data rich, but information poor’ might gain from the business knowledge discovered through data mining. Which of the following are true regarding data mining? (Choose three)

A.    Clustering is a data mining method.
B.    Data mining is an analytical approach that looks for hidden information patterns in large databases.
C.    Data mining can easily analyze historical information, but is unable to predict future trends.
D.    Regression analysis is a data mining method.
E.    ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) is a data mining method.

Answer: ABD

I understood all of the questions very easily. I scored 96% on my first try. I am definitely going to spread the word amongst friends and colleagues. Keep up the great work.

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