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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-E36
Exam Name: Selling HP Virtualization Solutions

Given the turbulence in the economy over the past two years, what is most likely to happen with the IT decision-making process?

A.    More decisions will be made at the departmental level.
B.    More decisions will be made by Finance directors and CFOs.
C.    Most major decisions will be made within the IT department.
D.    Budgets will free up at the first sign of economic recovery.

Answer: B

What is the most important element of a Compelling Business Reason (CBR)?

A.    It is from the customer’s point of view.
B.    It is concise.
C.    It highlights technical features.
D.    It has financial targets.

Answer: A

If your customer believes that you, as an HP Sales Representative, deliver quantifiable business value, what effects does that have on the selling process? (Select two.)

A.    It reduces price sensitivity around proposals.
B.    It opens the door to more competition.
C.    It creates customer loyalty.
D.    It increases the importance of product features.
E.    It results in increased discounting.

Answer: AC

Why would you ask Needs Identification questions in customer meetings? (Select two.)

A.    to speed the sales cycle
B.    to uncover customer problems
C.    to obtain customer commitment
D.    to determine the customer’s bias
E.    to understand the business implications

Answer: BE

Which resource can help your customers address the disposition of old technology?

A.    HP Service Center
B.    HP Technology Services
C.    HP Financial Services
D.    HP Labs

Answer: C

For a customer in the SMB market space that’s interested in VMware, which HP solution should be proposed?

A.    HP Virtualization Smart Bundle with Hyper-V
B.    Multi-site solution with VMware FT
C.    HP Virtualization Smart Bundle with VMware
D.    Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

Answer: C

Why has the virtualization opportunity become so significant for sales representatives?

A.    More workloads are being deployed on virtual machines than on physical ones.
B.    Virtualization opportunities generally result in additional server sales.
C.    Technology vendors have focused on virtualization as their flagship solutions.
D.    Decision makers believe that tightly-integrated solutions limit their flexibility.

Answer: A

What are two general advantages of virtualization projects? (Select two.)

A.    simplified licensing management
B.    facilities/energy savings
C.    reduced need for high availability
D.    hardware savings
E.    ease of integration of legacy applications

Answer: AD

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