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Vendor: Ericsson
Exam Code: ECP-102
Exam Name: Ercisson Certified Technology – IP

Which two statements are correct regarding QoS in an IP network using DiffServ? (Choose two.)

A.    High priority traffic can be dropped by any router in the network.
B.    Packets belonging to the same QoS class always traverse the same path regardless of IGP topology change.
C.    Routers reserve required bandwidth before they start forwarding packets for a given class.
D.    QoS procedures applied to a given traffic class are the same for all routers within the DiffServ domain.

Answer: AD

Click the Exhibit button. In the exhibit, which action is performed by router R4?


A.    pop
B.    swap
C.    PHP
D.    push

Answer: B

Computer A with IP address wants to send a packet to computer B with IP address Which statement is correct?

A.    Computer A will send an ARP request to computer B
B.    Computer A will encode the destination MAC address of computer B
C.    Computer A will use its default gateway.
D.    Computer A will send a network discovery request to computer B

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, what is the next hop (A, B, C, or D) for traffic arriving at R2 and destination network


A.    Next Hop A
B.    Next Hop B
C.    Next Hop C
D.    Next Hop D

Answer: C

Why must the distance between two IP networks be less than 16 routers when using RIP as a routing protocol?

A.    RIP is a classful routing protocol.
B.    RIP converges too slowly.
C.    RIP uses a metric of 16 as infinite.
D.    RIP uses 16 seconds as a hold timer.

Answer: C

Which two statements are correct about link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.)

A.    Packets are routed based upon the shortest path to the destination.
B.    Paths are chosen based upon the number of hops to the destination.
C.    The exchange of advertisement is triggered by a change in the network.
D.    In a multipoint network, all routers exchange routing tables directly with all the routers.

Answer: AC

An edge router forwards a mixture of VoIP and IPTV traffic over the same port. Which two QoS scheduling algorithms would you use to assure good VoIP call quality when the port is congested? (Choose two.)

A.    PQ
B.    WFQ
C.    PWFQ
D.    WRED

Answer: AC

Which three techniques allow for the co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6 networks?

A.    tunneling
B.    anycasting
C.    translation
D.    encoding
E.    dual-stacking

Answer: B

What does TCP use to set up a connection?

A.    Two-way handshake
B.    Sliding window
C.    Three-way handshake
D.    Four-way handshake

Answer: C

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