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Latest VMware VCP550 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE (261-270)

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Which two CPU features enable the use of 64-bit virtual machines? (Choose two.)

A.    Intel VT
B.    NX/XD Bit
C.    Hyper-threading

Answer: AD

An administrator is creating a new VMFS volume and needs to make it available to all hosts within a datacenter using the Web Client.
What should the administrator scan for in order to meet this requirement?

A.    New Storage Devices and LUNs
B.    New Storage Devices and VMFS Volumes
C.    New VMFS Volumes and Datastores
D.    New VMFS Volumes and LUNs

Answer: B

An administrator is deploying a virtual machine from a template.
Assuming all of the inventory objects below exist in the implementation, what is the highest level in the vCenter Server hierarchy to which a virtual machine can be deployed?

A.    Datacenter
B.    Cluster
C.    Resource Pool
D.    Host

Answer: B

Which statement is accurate when choosing the storage controller for a virtual machine using the Create New Virtual Machine wizard in custom mode?

A.    There is a predetermined controller based on the guest OS, which cannot be changed.
B.    A controller is recommended based on the guest OS type. The administrator can choose this controller
or select any other.
C.    There is a predetermined controller based on the guest OS, which can only be changed after the virtual
machine is deployed.
D.    The controller options presented will be based on the guest OS type. The administrator must choose
one of these options.

Answer: B

A VMware administrator needs to simplify the placement of virtual machines. The administrator also needs to balance I/O load and space utilization automatically.
Which combination of features should the administrator use to achieve this?

A.    Create a Datastore Cluster and enable Storage DRS on the cluster
B.    Create a Datastore Cluster and enable Storage I/O Control on each datastore
C.    Enable Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control on each datastore
D.    Enable Storage I/O Control on each datastore and configure Storage vMotion

Answer: A

An administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tiered application and needs to configure custom startup actions for each virtual machine.
What should the administrator do to enable this functionality?

A.    Verify that VMware Tools is installed on each virtual machine in the vApp.
B.    Ensure all virtual machines in the vApp are running hardware version 8 or later.
C.    Configure custom startup actions on the virtual machines, then add them to the vApp.
D.    Deploy a vSphere Management Assistant in the cluster and enable the vApp plug-in.

Answer: A

A vSphere administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tier application. Every time the vApp is started, the virtual machines perform a file system check.
Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?

A.    Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Guest Shutdown
B.    Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Graceful Shutdown
C.    Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Graceful Power Off
D.    Change the shutdown action in the vApp to Guest Power Off

Answer: A

What two statements are true about Fibre Channel zoning? (Choose two.)

A.    Zones define paths to a Fibre Channel array
B.    Zones control access to LUNs on a Fibre Channel storage array
C.    Zones can be soft or hard
D.    Zones can be configured on an array or ESXi host

Answer: AC

What are two requirements when configuring a Fibre Channel SAN with an ESXi 5.x cluster? (Choose two.)

A.    RDMs must be zoned and masked to each ESXi 5 host in the cluster
B.    A FCP HBA or hardware supporting FCoE must be installed in the hosts
C.    Each LUN should contain only one NFS datastore.
D.    Each LUN must present a unique LUN ID to each ESXi hosts.

Answer: AB
A: correct because yes, you have to Zone and mask to allow only the Hosts in that you want in.
Zoning has the following effects:
– Reduces the number of targets and LUNs presented to a host.
– Controls and isolates paths in a fabric.
– Can prevent non-ESXi systems from accessing a particular storage system, and from possibly destroying
VMFS data.
– Can be used to separate different environments, for example, a test from a production environment.
B: correct because yes you need HBAs to connect to the FC.
C is obviously wrong as the FS is VMFS not NFS
D is wrong because: Page 37 of the vSphere storage guide says.
For multipathing to work properly, each LUN must present the "same" LUN ID number to all ESXi hosts. 50-storage-guide.pdf

Where must the VMware vSphere Storage Appliance Manager (VSA Manager) be installed?

A.    On a Windows virtual machine created on the first VSA host
B.    The VSA Manager is deployed as a separate virtual appliance
C.    On a vCenter Server outside of the VSA environment
D.    It is pre-installed on the VMware vSphere Storage Appliance

Answer: C
VMware vsphere storage appliance manager is always installed on a vcenter server that resides outside of VSA environment.

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