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Latest HP HP2-Z24 Exam Question Free Download with PDF & VCE

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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-Z24
Exam Name: Selling HP Networking Solutions

Which statement is true regarding the HP virtual services modules (the HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer and HP advanced services zl module with VMware vsphere)

A.    Each module can host at most one application.
B.    The modules support custom applications, including applications that your customers develop internally.
C.    The modules do not support core Linux services.
D.    The modules are based on a custom hypervisor.

Answer: B

HP IMC provides end-to-end fault and performance monitoring across which network segment?

A.    branch offices
B.    branch and campus LAN
C.    data center
D.    branch, campus LAN, and data center

Answer: D

A customer is planning to update the company’s data center by implementing virtual machines (VMs) to deliver the services the company What should you tell her about the way these VMs affect the network?

A.    The north-to-south network traffic will increase so the customer may need to upgrade the distribution
and core switches.
B.    The east-to-west network traffic will increase so the customer should consider implementing a network
architecture with fewer tiers.
C.    The server-to-server traffic will actually decrease overall because VMs on the same server hardware
will communicate internally through…………
D.    The network traffic patterns will remain the same, but the customer may need to upgrade each server-to-switch

Answer: B

Many HP products come with a lifetime warranty that as long as the customer owns the product. Which products provide that lifetime warranty? (Select three.)

A.    HP 2910
B.    HP 5920
C.    HP MSM460
D.    HP MSM466
E.    HP MSM760

Answer: ACD

Many hp products come with a lifetime warranty that last as long as the customer owns the products. Which products provide the lifetime warranty? (Choose three)

A.    hp 2910
B.    hp 5920
C.    hp msm400
D.    hp msm 466
E.    hp sms766

Answer: ABD

More and more employees are using personally owned devices on computer networks. How does this trend affect the businesses? (Choose two)

A.    They will need to implement identity based security
B.    They will need some way of ensuring that these devices comply with security policy
C.    They will need to additional protocols such as voice over IP and broader gateway protocol to secure access
D.    They will need to implement separate network security methods for company and employee devices
E.    They will need to implement virtualized network to host these applications in a private cloud

Answer: AB

Which LAN controller does HP recommend for customers who requires a local controller seat for less than 30 employees

A.    hp msm710
B.    hp msm720
C.    hp msm760
D.    hp msm765 zl

Answer: D

How does the fact that the business model is shifting to a more centralized and virtualized data center impact branch office networks?

A.    Because businesses are shifting away from dedicated application servers running in the branch, branch
office network management is radically simplified.
B.    Branch office networks have very little security and compliance concerns because all company data is
stored and backed up at a centralized location with targeted security.
C.    Branch office networks may be farther from productivity enhancing network resources than they used to
be, creating delay when helping customers.
D.    Because the data center is composed of high-performance network devices with next-generation
traffic-prioritization capabilities, emerging voice and video applications will run with ease in today’s
branch offices.

Answer: A

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A mid-sized business is seeking a networking solution, and the customer is concerned about how the components will work together from end to end now and in the future. What message should the HP sales professional deliver?

A.    The customer must use the same vendor from end to end to ensure interoperability; HP provides servers,
storage, and networking components.
B.    The customer should implement open standards wherever possible, and certainly at the boundaries of
each network segment to enable the company to select the best solutions for each segment and have
them interoperate
C.    The customer should commit to a single open-standard vendor, which implements with proven, best-in-industry
D.    The customer should select solutions based on which provide the best proprietary protocols for the company’s
highest priority business needs.

Answer: B
With an open, standards-based solution, enterprises can migrate their networks from legacy architectures to advanced architectures so they can meet contemporary business challenges, including cloud computing, federated applications, virtual machine mobility, high-performance mobile access, multimedia and video. Customers can choose best-in-class solutions that will meet their business needs. Using open, industry-standard protocol implementations mitigates the risk and cost of change when the network needs to adapt to new business requirements. And using open networks will make it simpler for enterprises move their applications to public and private cloud services.
FlexNetwork Architecture (page 4, first paragraph)

What is a typical struggle for a company that has allowed its network management solution to grow organically?

A.    The IT staff must use a diverse set of management tools that do not integrate with each other.
B.    The company has been locked into a costly management solution as part of a package with a single vendor.
C.    The company has a single management solution, which does not fit the needs of some segments of the network.
D.    The IT staff implements all configuration and management manually without the help of any management tools.
Complete collection of HP2-Z24 Exam’s Question and answers.

Answer: A
A large network might begin as a homogenous environment. Switches, routers, servers, and wireless access points can all be from the same vendor and use the same network management software. But as the network expands, it can get equipment from a variety of manufacturers–each with its own set of network management tools. single manufacturer might even have multiple versions of its network management software. It’s this increasing network management complexity that bogs down IT. A network manager may need to be proficient with several different management tools to keep the enterprise up and running reliably.

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