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Latest Cisco 350-030 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE(111-120)

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Bob’s Bicycles is configuring Unity as an Auto Attendant. The requirements are for outside callers to hear a prompt saying “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service, Press 3 for News and Events”. If they Press 1, they reach a submenu where they are prompted to “Press 1 for Bike Sales, Press 2 for Accessories”. If they Press 1, Unity should list the 4 sales people and allow the caller to choose. If they press 2 from the initial prompt they reach a submenu where they are prompted to “Press 1 to schedule an appointment or Press 2 to check the status of your repair”. At anytime the caller should be able to press 0 and be transferred to the Operator. What is the minimum number of Call Handlers required?

A.    7
B.    8
C.    9
D.    10
E.    11

Answer: B

What is the relationship between a device pool and a region in CallManager configuration?

A.    The device pool sets the default codec for the devices associated with it in a specific region and
region sets only the codec that is used between other regions.
B.    Devices acquire a region setting from the device pool to which they are assigned.
C.    The device pool sets the intra-region and inter-region codecs and the region makes the association
between it and other regions.
D.    Devices use the settings in the region as the default pool for that region.

Answer: B

In an Intra Cluster Call Flow Trace the following Skinny Call States could be observed. Which of the following is NOT a valid Skinny Call state for an IP Phone?

A.    Off Hook
B.    Connected
C.    Call Routing
D.    Call Waiting
E.    Call Transfer
F.    Call Park

Answer: C

Company CADORNA’s INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model. The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches in a hub and spoke configuration. The company wants to offer the option to use Cisco IP Communicator to some of its employees that are often on the road. Which of the following statements is Not true?

A.    It is recommended that a new region be created for all the Cisco IP Communicators, where a
low-bandwidth codec such as g.729 be used at all times.
B.    The administrator will need to load-balance the load across the various CTI Managers in the cluster.
C.    It is recommended that all users be requested to accept a company note stating that 911 calls will
not work properly due to the mobility nature of the Cisco IP Communicator.
D.    The IT department will need to verify that the employees’ laptop technical characteristics satisfy the
Cisco IP Communicator’s minimum requirements.

Answer: B

What subsystems must be in service to enable speech recognition for the AA script? (Choose 2)

A.    ASR
C.    TTS
D.    RMCM
E.    Database

Answer: AB

What is the required bandwidth for 3 G.711 VoIP calls on an Ethernet link? (Note the packet per seconds count is set to 33 pps.)

A.    192 kbps
B.    240 kbps
C.    238.5 kbps
D.    223.8 kbps

Answer: C

Which statement is TRUE?

A.    If two IP phones are registered to the same CallManager, and the CM fails, the active call between
those 2 phones goes down.
B.    If the two phones are registered to different CallManagers and either CallManager fails, the call which
is made on Inter cluster trunks is torn down.
C.    If a call is made from an IP phone to a gateway (No VG2XX GW considered here), regardless of which
CallManager either device is registered to, the call will fail
D.    If the CM fails any call in progress is dropped.

Answer: B

A POTS (PSTN/PBX) user places a call (through Cisco router/gateways) and does not hear a ringback tone before the call is answered. Which of the following actions would probably correct the situation?

A.    Configure the originating gateway to respond PI=1 to force ringback
B.    Ensure that all intermediate devices carry the correct Progress Indicator without modification
C.    Ensure that the terminating gateway has not dropped the Progress Indicator signal
D.    Configure all intermediate devices to repeat the Progress Indicator signal
E.    Configure the terminating gateway to send a PI=8 in the Alert message

Answer: E

Which two of the following require specific Active Directory schema extensions? (Choose 2)

A.    Unity Bridge Networking
B.    Unity SMTP Networking
C.    Unity AMIS Networking
D.    Unity VPIM Networking

Answer: AD

Select 2 of the following which are NOT functions performed by MOH Audio Translator Service:

A.    Monitors a configured path for new files
B.    Converts new MOH source files to separate wav files for MOH codecs
C.    Adjusts volume levels of MOH source files
D.    Provides audio data from WAV files (ANN, MOH)
E.    Supports WMA and MP3.
F.    Provides TFTP client download of MOH files

Answer: DF

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