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Latest Cisco 350-030 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE (131-140)

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An IP Phone appears to be registered to the Cisco CME system in “show ephone registered”. However, it can not make any outgoing calls, nor can it receive any incoming calls. When you pick up the handset or press the speaker button of the IP phone, you do not get a dial tone. Which would be LEAST helpful in solving the problem?

A.    Ensure that the IP Phone is set to use the right CME system as the TFTP server
B.    Ensure that the IP Phone is registered to the right CME system by pressing Configuration ->
Network Configuration -> TFTP server on the phone
C.    Ensure that the IP Phone is set with the right time/date information
D.    Enure that the IP Phone shows at least an extension assigned to any buttons
E.    Ensure that a ‘button’ command exists to associate a button with a configured ephone-dn in ephone
configuration section. Add the ‘button’ command if needed
F.    Ensure that a button and ephone-dn association is shown in “show ephone register”

Answer: C

Which three of the following statements regarding implementing Unity in an existing Domino environment are correct? (Choose 3)

A.    Unity must be a domain controller or a member of a Windows domain.
B.    Unity can be installed on the Domino server if there are less then 1000 mailboxes.
C.    The Domino server that Unity communicates with must be in the same Windows domain as Unity.
D.    TAPI Service Provider (TSP) server component is only required on the partner Domino server.
E.    One Unity server can service up to five Domino servers in a single Domino domain.

Answer: ACE

A single Unity server is being deployed to provide voicemail for multiple CallManager Express systems. One CallManager Express is colocated with the Unity server and the rest are connected via a WAN. Which of the following best describes how to configure the remote CallManager
Express systems so calls can be forwarded to the central Unity server?

A.    Each remote CallManager Express system is defined as a CallManager cluster in the Unity server.
B.    Each remote CallManager Express is configured with ephones which register with dedicated ports in
the Unity server.
C.    Each remote CallManager Express is configured with a VoIP dial peer for each port assigned to it
in Unity.
D.    The remote CallManager Express systems are configured with a VoIP dial peer that directs calls
to the Unity pilot number to the central CallManager Express.

Answer: D

Two type of RSVP reservation types are:

A.    Distinct and Shared
B.    Same and Distinct
C.    Shared and non-shared
D.    Reservation and Path

Answer: A

You have a CallManager with a software conference bridge. When users try to use the conference bridge they get the error “No conference bridges available”. Which of the solutions will resolve this issue?

A.    The CallManager needs to be stopped and restarted for the conference bridge to register.
B.    The IP voice media streaming application needs to be started on the CallManager for the conference
bridge to register.
C.    The DSP conference resources on the IP gateway are improperly configured and will need to be
deleted and reconfigured.
D.    The software conference bridge requires external DSP resources to be configured for this service to
operate correctly.

Answer: B

Calculate the percentage of overall bandwidth saved (at Layer 3) by cRTP for a G.711 VoIP call packetized at 50 pps.

A.    Approximately 60%
B.    Approximately 50%
C.    Approximately 40%
D.    Approximately 30%
E.    Approximately 20%

Answer: E

Which of the following will NOT make a good requirement for hardening an MCS Server’s Operating System and its services? (Select 2)

A.    Keep the OS up to date and install Cisco OS upgrades that can be downloaded from Cisco Connection
Online (CCO)
B.    Harden the IP stack by mitigating redirection attacks and enabling SYN flood protection
C.    Enable all services including file sharing
D.    Harden accounts and passwords
E.    An intrusion protection system: CSA
F.    Ensure local applications’ access to system registry

Answer: CF

CRTP belongs to which Cisco quality of service feature?

A.    classification
B.    congestion management
C.    congestion avoidance
D.    shaping and policing
E.    link efficiency mechanisms

Answer: E

VXML and TCL provide similar services. Which of the following are unique to VXML? (Choose 2)

A.    Authentication of callers
B.    Store and Forward of audio streams
C.    Support for RTSP servers
D.    Speech recognition and text to speech
E.    DTMF digit collection on VoIP dial peers

Answer: BD

Which of the following are the minimum requirements to have signaling encryption between CM and gateway, as well as SRTP between gateway and IP phones? (Choose 3)

A.    CallManager 4.1 with CTL installed
B.    IOS router configured in MGCP
C.    IOS router configured in H323
D.    IPSEC tunneling in Windows 2000 of CallManager server
E.    Router with NM-HDV module

Answer: ABD

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