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Latest Cisco 350-030 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE (11-20)

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Refer to the shown output. Calls to the PSTN are being rejected. Which of the following will correct this issue?


A.    Add the command ‘isdn negotiate-bchan’ to the serial interface
B.    Add the command ‘isdn contiguous-bchan’ to the serial interface
C.    Change the channel selection order to ascending
D.    Change the ISDN Numbering Plan type to International

Answer: D

Match the IP Multicast Components as per their simple definitions.
1) Basic Multicast
2) Reliable Multicast
3) One-to-Many Multicast
4) Inter-Domain Multicast
5) Many-to-Many Multicast
a. MBGP , MSDP, Anycast RP, RGMP, BSR
b. SSM and IGMP v3
c. PIM – Bi-Directional
d. PGM
e. PIM SM, DM, Auto RP, IGMP v2, CGMP

A.    1 – d, 2 – b, 3 – c, 4 – e, 5 – a
B.    1 – e, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – d, 5 – b
C.    1 – e, 2 – d, 3 – b, 4 – a, 5 – c
D.    1 – a, 2 – b, 3 – c, 4 – d, 5 – e

Answer: C

Which of the following does not accurately describe the database layer service in CM?

A.    The database layer is a set of DLLs that provide a common access point for data insertion, retrieval,
and modification of the database.
B.    The database information itself is made up of one publisher database, which is the very 1st CallManager
Machine in the CM cluster. All remaining machines in a cluster are subscriber databases.
C.    The publisher maintains a TCP connection with each subscriber database. For real-time processing
and call processing, each CallManager maintains a TCP connection with every other CallManager via
the Intra Cluster Communications Signalling (ICCS) protocol.
D.    The database layer monitors access to the Publisher. During a failure, it will try a replicated database
for device information and monitor the publisher for its return.
E.    All database records including Call Detail Records (CDR) are replicated from publisher to subscriber.

Answer: E

An IP Phone configured in voice VLAN 128 is registered to a CM cluster. It has speech connection established with another IP Phone which is connected to another CM cluster. Configured codec on both phones is G.711, 20 ms Sample. A PC is connected to back of an IP Phone which is running Sniffer Program and collecting packets coming out of the IP Phone. What would be data frame size coming out of the phone as seen in the Sniffer?

A.    64 bytes
B.    128 bytes
C.    160 bytes
D.    200 bytes
E.    204 bytes
F.    218 bytes

Answer: F

Which 2 functions are performed by a Route list?

A.    Matches dialed number for external calls
B.    Performs digit manipulation
C.    Points to a route list for routing
D.    Chooses path for call routing
E.    Points to prioritized route groups
F.    Points to the actual devices

Answer: DE

Which two ways are customized phone services subscribed to? (Choose 2)

A.    The CallManager administrator uses the Cisco IP Phone Services Configuration menu to define and
maintain the list of Cisco IP Phone services to which users can subscribe at their site.
B.    The CallManager administrator uses the Cisco IP Telephony Services Configuration menu to develop
separate lists of users and services.
C.    Users can log into the Cisco CallManager User Options Menu to subscribe to services already
configured by the CallManager administrator.
D.    Users can log into the Cisco CallManager User Options Menu and select the services they want to
subscribe to and CallManager will automatically configure those services.
E.    The CallManager administrator can add services to Cisco IP phones and device profiles.

Answer: CE

Which of the following is NOT true about Multicast IGMP Snooping?

A.    When a host in a multicast group sends a IGMP leave message, only that port is deleted from the
multicast group.
B.    An IP multicast stream to the IP host can only be stopped by an IGMP Leave message.
C.    IGMP snooping requires the LAN switch to examine, or snoop, some Layer 3 information in the IGMP
packets sent between the hosts and the router.
D.    When the switch hears the IGMP host report from a host for a particular multicast group, the switch
adds the host’s port number to the associated multicast table entry.
E.    Because IGMP control messages are transmitted as multicast packets, they are indistinguishable from
multicast data at Layer 2.
F.    A switch running IGMP snooping examine every multicast data packet to check whether it contains any
pertinent IGMP must control information.

Answer: B

Why has Cisco chosen to use the SCCP protocol in its IP telephony networks?

A.    It is a peer to peer protocol.
B.    It uses intelligent endpoints.
C.    It is an industry standard, open protocol.
D.    It enables the use of a rich set of features.

Answer: D

When implementing IP Communicator in CallManager, which two steps need to be accomplished in order for the application to operate correctly? (Choose 2)

A.    Verify CallManager version
B.    Create and associate a user ID with the communicator device
C.    Configure a new CTI port to connect IP Communicator to CallManager
D.    Associate directory number from desk phone with IP Communicator software
E.    Configure MAC address from Ethernet interface on the PC where IP communicator will be installed
in Phone Configuration screen in CallManager

Answer: AE

In CME, which command/debug will show MAC Address, IP Address, DN and Phone Model of phones that are registered/while registering? (Choose 2)

A.    debug ephone detail
B.    show ephone-dn
C.    show ephone
D.    show ephone-dn registered
E.    debug ephone register

Answer: CE

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