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Latest Adobe 9A0-150 Practice Tests Free Download with PDF & VCE

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Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-150
Exam Name: Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam

You have a photo of a red car on a mountain road. You need to select the car to use with a
different background. Which tool is the quickest and most effective for selecting the car?

A.    the Quick Selection
B.    the Magic Wand tool
C.    The Selective Color Command
D.    Quick Mask Mode

Answer: A

You have a photo of a woman in front of a green background. You’ve made a good selection around her hair, but you still see a fringe of green from the background at the edges of the hair.
Which is the best way to minimize that fringe?

A.    Select Decontaminate Colors in the Refine Edge dialog box.
B.    Use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer to reduce saturation
C.    Choose Select > Transform Selection, and contract the bounding box.
D.    Choose Image > Adjustments > Replace Color

Answer: A

You’ve spent a lot of time making a complex selection. How can you retain the selection for future use? (Choose two)

A.    Choose Select > Save Selection.
B.    Choose Select > Similar Layers.
C.    In the Channels panel, click Save selection as channel.
D.    In the Channels panel, click Load channel as selection.
E.    In the Paths panel, click Make work path from selection.

Answer: AC

You made a selection with the Elliptical Marquee tool. You want to move the selection boundary to the right. How can you move the selection without moving or changing the image? (Choose two)

A.    With the Elliptical Marquee tool, click and drag inside the selection boundary
B.    With the Polygonal Lasso tool click and drag inside the selection boundary.
C.    With the Move tool, click and drag inside die selection boundary.
D.    With the Marquee tool selected, press the arrow keys on your keyboard
E.    With the Move tool selected, hold down the Shift key and drag.

Answer: AD

You have placed an Adobe illustrator document as a smart object inside your Photoshop image.
What editing can you do to the art in Photoshop?

A.    Scale and rotate
B.    Edit the paths
C.    Turn and off Illustrator layer visibility
D.    Change file and stroke colors of the vector objects

Answer: A

You have a flattened image that is 8.5"x11 at 300ppi. You want to reduce the image in Photoshop to be half as wide and tall. However, you want to maintain the option to enlarge the file to full size and quality again. What should you do before scaling with the Image Size feature?

A.    Choose Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object
B.    Choose Edit > Free Transform.
C.    Choose Image > Canvas Size.
D.    Choose Edit > Content Aware Scale

Answer: A

You have several preliminary designs for a client. You’d like to store all the designs variations within a single Photoshop document so you can present the design ideas to a client with just a few mouse clicks. Which feature is best suited to accomplish this task?

A.    Window>Layer Comps
B.    Layer>Layer Style
C.    Window>Workspace
D.    Edit>Preset Manager

Answer: A

You have a file with multiple layers. All layers are currently visible. You want to view the content of only one layer temporarily. Which is the best way to do this?

A.    Alt-click (Windows) / Option-click (Mac OS) the eye icon next to the layer.
B.    Drag the layer onto the image in the document window
C.    Copy Ac layer, and paste it into a new file.
D.    Select the layer, and choose Layer > Merge Visible

Answer: A

You have selected part of an image and choose the Layer> New>Layer via copy. What will happen if you adjust the Opacity of the new layer to 50%?

A.    the image will remain the same
B.    the image will get higher
C.    the image will be half visible.
D.    The image contrast will be reduced

Answer: A

You have an image that is too dark. You duplicate the image layer. Which is the best layer blending node to apply to the duplicate layer to lighten the image overall?

A.    Screen
B.    Soft Light
C.    Dissolve
D.    Lighter Color

Answer: A

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