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Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass Oracle 1Z0-550 Dumps

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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-550
Exam Name: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Configurable Network Computing Essentials

Sever Manager provides a unified interface where administrators can view information regarding EnterpriseOne. What are the three major functions of Server Manager?
A.    Check the EnterpriseOne Server Installed Programs
B.    Check the EnterpriseOne Server Configurations
C.    Check the EnterpriseOne Server OS Patch level
D.    Monitor the EnterpriseOne Server Process
E.    Monitor the EnterpriseOne Server Task Manager

Answer: ABC

When selecting a Path Code Database as part of the EnterpriseOne Platform Pack installation, which two get installed on the server?

A.    System/Foundation code
B.    Path Code specifications and runtime libraries
C.    Database scripts to create and load databases
D.    Server Manager Agent
E.    Path Code Databases – Central Objects, Business Data, …

Answer: BC

ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. What security type grants permission to run an application regardless of other security settings?

A.    Application
B.    Action
C.    Exit
D.    Exclusive Application
E.    Tab

Answer: D

ACME is about to upgrade their Development environment from ERP 8.0 to EnterpriseOne 9.00. Which pre-upgrade task is NOT recommended by the EnterpriseOne Upgrade documentation?

A.    Verify Media Object queue setting in P98MOQUE
B.    Generate serialized objects for the development environment
C.    Transfer production versions to prototype using UBE R9830512
D.    Make sure all work in progress objects have been checked into the development environment
E.    Check the modification and merge flags through the Specification Merge Selection application

Answer: D

EnterpriseOne subsystem UBE jobs provide the system the ability to run without interaction and to avoid the fixed cost of repeated UBE startup overhead. Which of the options would make UBE a good candidate for the subsystem?

A.    Long running jobs
B.    Short duration jobs
C.    Process intensive jobs
D.    Light-weight process jobs
E.    High memory usage jobs

Answer: B

What configuration option is NOT required for Object Management Workbench (OMW) to function?

A.    Activity Rules
B.    User Roles
C.    Constants
D.    Allowed Actions
E.    Save Location

Answer: D

Regardless of the platform choice, Work with Server Jobs is the key mechanism to review the status of a UBE job that has been submitted to server. After a job has been submitted, which of the following configuration option is NOT required for Object Management Workbench (OMW) to function an administrator cannot do from Work with Server Jobs?

A.    Print Jobs
B.    Change Job Priority
C.    View Logs for Job
D.    Terminate Jobs
E.    Resubmit a Job

Answer: B

What three object types are promoted via Object Management Workbench (OMW)?

A.    UDCs
B.    User Overrides
C.    Data Dictionary Item
D.    Favorites
E.    Serialized Objects

Answer: ABC
ACME has decided to begin their EnterPriseOne implementation using the Oracle VM Templates for JDE. Which three types are available for immediate download and quick implementation via e delivery?

A.    Enterprise Server
B.    HTML Server
C.    Portal Server
D.    Deployment Server
E.    Database Server

Answer: ABE

When deploying a Full Package to an Enterprise Server, what defines the location of the object specifications to be used during runtime that the package deployment modifies?

A.    The path code spec directory
B.    The package spec directory
D.    OCM
E.    The spec.ini file in the package spec directory

Answer: E

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