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HP HP2-B25 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-B25
Exam Name: HP LaserJet Solutions Exam

Image Formation in an HP LaserJet printer is a six-step process. What is the first step in the process?

A.    drum conditionings
B.    formatter receiving and processing print data
C.    drum cleaning
D.    drum charging

Answer: C

Which connectors are associated with HP printers? (Select two.)

A.    Jetlink
B.    Foreign Interface Harness (FIH)
C.    SCSI 2
D.    BNC

Answer: A

Which color gamut will result in white when all primary colors are combined?

A.    CMYK
B.    SWOP
C.    Intensity
D.    RGB

Answer: D

What are the benefits of using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port? (Select three.)

A.    A USB port can attach up to 127 devices simultaneously.
B.    When a device is attached, the controller automatically makes necessary bandwidth resources
and drivers available without user intervention.
C.    USB cables can connect to serial ports, parallel ports, and USB ports.
D.    USB cables have a maximum allowed length of 100 feet, as opposed to a 50-foot maximum length
for serial cables.
E.    Any USB device can connect to any USB port, replacing the need for the wide variety of serial
and parallel port connections.

Answer: ABE

Image processing is performed by which electronic component in the electrographic printer?

A.    Formatter PCA
B.    Engine Controller
C.    HVPS
D.    LVPS

Answer: A

Which paper path component prevents multiple sheets of paper from being fed into the printer?

A.    separation pad
B.    feed guide assembly
C.    switchback assembly
D.    pickup rollers

Answer: A

Which color gamut is used in the color printing process?

A.    SWOP
B.    RGB
C.    CMYK
D.    Intensity

Answer: C

What are the functionalities of an HP printer driver? (Select two.)

A.    translates application language into printer language so the printer understands commands sent to it
B.    installs directly onto a multi-function printing device through the printer control panel
C.    updates firmware automatically to printing devices that it is connected to
D.    makes printer options and accessories available in the operating system and in applications

Answer: AD

What is the first step in the color printing process?

A.    The laser discharges certain areas on the OP
B.    The OPC surface is charged.
C.    The tone is developed into the OP
D.    The formatter splits the print data into four color planes.

Answer: A

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