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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (91-100)

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A legal department has just been notified of a newly instated law. There is a legal form that needs to be updated, reviewed and published within the hour. There is only one publisher that is available for these tasks.
Using Webtop, how can the legal department expedite the tasks?

A.    send the publisher aquickflow
B.    attach a lifecycle to the legal form
C.    set the subscription for the publisher
D.    change the permissions on the document

Answer: A

A company usesthe following manual process to publish documents to the website:
Due to the increased volume and complexity of web publishing at the company, they ask you to implement a Documentum Workflow.
1. An author creates a document, marks it as draft and emails it to supervisor for approval.
2. The Supervisor detaches the document from the email to review. 2A. if supervisor rejects it, emails it back to the author marked as rejected. 2b. if supervisor approves it, supervisor forward the email to the legal group marked as Approved.
3. The publishing dept detaches the documents, formats it for the web and places it on the website.
Due to the increased volume and complexity of web publishing at the company, they ask you to implement a Documentum Workflow.
What is used to model step 2a?

A.    flow tool
B.    reject tool
C.    activity palette
D.    package inspector

Answer: B

Click the <Exhibit> button. In the business process shown, what is the result if the End activity is removed?


A.    Workflow does not validate.
B.    Workflow completes more efficiently.
C.    Supervisor canpowerpromote to complete the activity.
D.    The workflow is allowed to finish when either Legal or Marketing has completed their tasks.

Answer: A

A user created a workflow template using Process Builder. Customers are sending service tickets that indicate they are unable to find the workflow in the system. Which Process Builder action will allow the customers to use the workflow template?

A.    Install
B.    Activate
C.    Promote
D.    Enable Permissions

Answer: A

In your project, all documents in a specific folder need to be reviewed by the users of a department. The folder title field needs be updated to “Review Started” when the workflow starts with the folder. How can this be done?

A.    create an SBO to update the attribute upon creating the folder
B.    create a TBO to update the attribute upon creating the folder
C.    create a lifecycle to update the title attribute upon starting the workflow
D.    create an automated activity in the workflow to update the title attribute upon starting the workflow

Answer: D

The publishing workflow process has been started on a news article that contains incorrectly referenced sources. Using Webtop, the workflow was found and halted.
How was this action performed?

A.    performer notices
B.    workflow reporting
C.    workflow terminator
D.    workflow process notifications

Answer: B

A new business process needs to be added to a running workflow template. What is the first step in modifying the workflow template?

A.    halt
B.    edit
C.    uninstall
D.    deactivate

Answer: C

The user account that the Content Server uses to perform lifecycle actions can be configured to be the _____.

A.    current user
B.    document owner
C.    application owner
D.    workflow supervisor

Answer: A

Which types of states can a lifecycle contain?

A.    normal and activity
B.    transition and activity
C.    normal and exception
D.    transition and exception

Answer: C

A workflow template can be configured to perform which default lifecycle method on a routed document?

A.    attach
B.    resume
C.    suspend
D.    promote

Answer: D

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