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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (81-90)

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A workflow that can include an automatic performer process is called a _____.

A.    state
B.    class
C.    method
D.    transaction

Answer: C

In which state can a workflow instance exist?

A.    open
B.    start
C.    active
D.    running

Answer: D

How can aliases be used in a workflow template?

A.    They can be used in place of a workflow’s activity state value, to promote content to the next workflow state.
B.    They can be used in place of an activity process name, to auto promote activities when a workflow in started.
C.    They can be included in the workflow’s activity process, to find a match to process activity names to lifecycle names.
D.    They can be used in place of a performer name in an activity definition, to be chosen by the workflow’s initiator when the activity is started.

Answer: D

A workflow alias can represent _____.

A.    content
B.    a group
C.    an activity
D.    an instance

Answer: B

A workflow performer can have the option to _____.

A.    implement an automatic activity
B.    create transition states for a workflow activity process
C.    create a new workflow activity in place of an existing activity
D.    re-assign the workflow activity to another user or group of users

Answer: D

What is a workflow template?

A.    a definition that outlines the states used in each phase of the workflow process
B.    an event container that displays names and attributes that belong to a content document
C.    a set of document values that are automatically rendered to the repository by the template manager
D.    a set of activities that must be performed by specific participants in the order specified by the template designer

Answer: D

An author creates a document, marks it as Draft and emails it to her supervisor for approval. Which component of workflow will be used to model the author’s action of marking the document as Draft?

A.    flow tool
B.    auto activity
C.    initial activity
D.    content process

Answer: B

A supervisor of a running workflow instance receives a message in their Inbox stating that the workflow has been halted because an automatic activity failed. The supervisor needs the automatic activity to execute before the workflow can proceed.
How can the supervisor make the workflow proceed?

A.    Configure the automated activity to auto retry.
B.    Fix the underlying problem and re-run the automatic activity.
C.    Fix the underlying problem and reassign the execution to the start activity.
D.    Fix the underlying problem and reassign the execution to the previous activity.

Answer: B

A company uses the following manual process to publish documents to the website:
Step1 – An author creates a document, marks it as draft and emails it to supervisor for approval.
Step2 – The Supervisor detaches the document from the email to review if supervisor rejects it, emails it back to the author marked as rejected, if supervisor approves it, supervisor forward the email to the legal group marked as reviewed.
Step3 – Legal dept. than detaches the document and review it for compliance purposes. If they approve the document, they forward the email to publishing group marked as approved. if they don’t approve the document ,it is not sent forward.
Step4 – The publishing dept detaches the documents, formats it for the web and places it on the website. Due to the increase volume and complexity of web publishing at the company they ask you to implement a documentum workflow.
You have discovered that the workflow process has halted, leaving one of the documents in Reviewed status. In which Inbox is the workflow stuck?

A.    Author’s
B.    Supervisor’s
C.    Legal Department’s
D.    Publishing Department’s

Answer: C

A workflow task needs to go to the member who is the most available to perform the task.
How would you configure this task in workflow?

A.    choose the group and set First toAquire
B.    choose the group and set Define the Performer Alias
C.    choose the group and set Least Amount of Unfinished Work Items
D.    choose the group and select multiple sequential performers

Answer: C

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