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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (61-70)

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Addition of users to a dynamic group at runtime is _____.

A.    implemented by the Content Server
B.    an out-of-box feature implemented by all clients
C.    enabled by writing custom code within a client application
D.    configured separately for each client, by modifying rules in an XML file

Answer: C

Which user can create a group using Webtop?

A.    only a user with Superuser privilege
B.    a user with Create Group privilege AND clientcapablity Coordinator
C.    a user with a privilege None AND client capability System Administrator
D.    a user with a privilege Create Group AND client capability System Administrator

Answer: D

The dm_group type is a subtype of _____.

A.    dm_acl
B.    dm_user
C.    dm_sysobject
D.    persistent object

Answer: D

Which statement is true about a dynamic group?

A.    A dynamic group can include a non-dynamic group as a member.
B.    A dynamic group CANNOT be included as a member of a non-dynamic group.
C.    Dynamic and non-dynamic groups CANNOT include one another as members.
D.    A dynamic group’s final membership is set when the Content Server is started.

Answer: A

Which group_class value is used to enable or disable functionallity in a client application?

A.    role
B.    domain
C.    system
D.    dynamic

Answer: A

The Documentum basic permissions that are available to access and manipulate an object in a repository include _____.

A.    View and Write
B.    Browse and Edit
C.    Read and Execute
D.    Version and Relate

Answer: D

By default, what does the name of a custom permission set always begin with?

A.    45_
B.    dm_45
C.    dm_09
D.    custom_

Answer: B

By default, what permission set does the Content Server assign to newly created objects?

A.    permission set associated with the objects type
B.    permission set associated with the objects creator
C.    permission set associated with the objects primary folder
D.    permission set associated with the creators default folder

Answer: B

What is the minimum permission needed to attach annotations to a PDF document in a repository?

A.    Read
B.    Write
C.    Relate
D.    Version

Answer: C

What minimum level of permission is required to check out an object from the repository?

A.    Read
B.    Write
C.    Delete
D.    Version

Answer: D

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