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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (41-50)

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Which statement is true about installing a DocApp in a repository?

A.    MultipleDocApps can co-exist in a single repository.
B.    Previously installedDocApps must be uninstalled first.
C.    MultipleDocApps can co-exist in a single repository, provided they are owned by the same user.
D.    TheDocApp cannot already be installed in other repositories managed by the same Content Server.

Answer: A

Which object CANNOT be included in a DocApp?

A.    users
B.    folders
C.    documents
D.    relation types

Answer: A

A solution has been deployed to manage the authoring and publication of a large collection of manuals. Each manual is broken into several sections. Most of the sections are specific to individual manuals, except for a single section common to all manuals. When the system was created, each section was the resposibility of a single individual. To support this, virtual documents were used.
Recently, a change has been made and the common section is now authored by two separate individuals.
Fortunately, one person will be responsible for the first half of the section and another for the back half.
How would you solve this with the original goals in mind?

A.    leave the section alone and let file locking handle the issue
B.    rebuild all of the virtual documents splitting the section into two
C.    create a new version of the common section that is a virtual document with one half as a child of the other half
D.    create a new version of the common section that is a virtual document with each half as a child of the new version

Answer: D

By default, the Content Server is configured to authenticate against _____.

A.    an LDAP Server
B.    Netegrity SiteMinder
C.    the operating system
D.    in-line password authentication

Answer: C

What can a Superuser do that a user with Sysadmin privilege cannot?

A.    modify system-level permission sets
B.    perform full-text administration functions
C.    assume ownership of all objects in the repository
D.    grant and revoke type, group and cabinet privileges to users

Answer: C

Which privilege does a user need to view all the documents in the repository using Webtop?

A.    Sysadmin
B.    Superuser
C.    Coordinator
D.    Administrator

Answer: B

Which are required attributes when creating a user?

A.    user_login_name, user_address
B.    user_os_name, user_os_domain
C.    user_login_name, user_os_domain
D.    user_login_name, user_login_domain

Answer: A

You have been asked to import a large volume of Office files from a shared filed system into the Documentum repository.
Which product should you use to ensure that the content is categorized, attributed and stored in the proper location based on a taxonomy?

A.    Documentum Discovery Manager
B.    Documentum Content Intelligence Services
C.    Documentum IRM Client for Microsoft Office
D.    Documentum Advanced Document Transformation Services

Answer: B

Which query will list the object IDs and names of all documents (current version only) in a repository that a user has permission to access?

A.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document
B.    selectr_object_id and object_name from dm_document
C.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document (all)
D.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document where user_permit = ‘browse’

Answer: A

Which functions can a user with System Administrator privilege perform?

A.    unlock objects in the repository, regardless of ownership
B.    manipulate workflows or workflow items, regardless of ownership
C.    view audit trail entries, regardless of who registered the audited event
D.    select from any underlying RDBMS table, whether it is registered or not

Answer: B

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