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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (31-40)

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To create global saved searches a user must have ____ privilege.

A.    Sysowner
B.    Superuser
C.    Create Type
D.    Create Search

Answer: B

By default, which search configuration does Advanced Search allow?

A.    file size
B.    intranets
C.    public websites
D.    specified database

Answer: A

With full-text indexing enabled, which object attributes are indexed?

A.    attributes ofdm_content and dm_attribute
B.    attributes ofdm_document and dm_content
C.    attributes ofdm_object and subtypes of dm_object
D.    attributes ofdm_sysobject and subtypes of dm_sysobject

Answer: D

With full-text indexing enabled, can users search the text content of a document after it has been modified?

A.    Yes, immediately after the document is checked in.
B.    Yes, only after the document is checked in and if a PDF text rendition is created.
C.    Yes, only after the document is checked in and after the document has been re-indexed.
D.    Yes, only after the document is checked in and after the Content Server has been restarted.

Answer: C

Which search feature can be configured in the Preferences screen?

A.    number of results
B.    default object type
C.    saved search location
D.    default search location

Answer: D

When full-text indexing is not enabled, which attribute does a simple search run against?

A.    title
B.    authors
C.    keywords
D.    description

Answer: A

When can the content of an object be searched?

A.    after the object is indexed
B.    after a rendition is created
C.    after keywords are applied
D.    after the object is checked in

Answer: A

What is the effect of indexing latency on searching for objects in the repository?

A.    Searching can be performed only after the Content Server is rebooted for any object that has been modified.
B.    Searching can be performed immediately on an indexed object change or updated information for any object that has been modified.
C.    Searching for changed information on a modified object will be available only after the Index Serverreindexes the object.
D.    Searching changed information is available for any changes made to content or properties attributes for modified documents.

Answer: C

You created a virtual document for all the chapters and diagrams of a book your company is publishing. You also created a frozen snapshot for the first edition of the book. Now, the authors of the different chapters want to correct some mistakes found in the second edition of the book.
Which statement is correct?

A.    The authors will be able to modify the documents in the snapshot, but not save them as the same version.
B.    Creating new versions of the documents that are part of the snapshot will create a new version of the snapshot.
C.    The authors will NOT be able to create new versions of the documents that are part of the snapshot because it is frozen.
D.    Creating new versions of the documents that are part of the snapshot will create a new version of the virtual document.

Answer: A

You are using Webtop and working with documents that are components of a virtual document.
Which statement is true?

A.    To edit a document, its parent will have to be checked out first.
B.    Removing a component will delete the document the component points to.
C.    Creating a new version of a component will check out the parent virtual document.
D.    It is not possible to delete a document while it is a component of a virtual document.

Answer: D

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