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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (211-220)

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A user has attempted to check out a document and could not. What is a likely reason?

A.    The user does not own any of the document’s renditions.
B.    The user does not have at least Version permission on the object.
C.    The object is not the most recent version on any branch of the version tree.
D.    The object is part of a virtual document and the parent is not checked out.

Answer: B

When a document with renditions is versioned using Webtop, which statement is true?

A.    All previous renditions are deleted.
B.    The user is prompted to retain the renditions.
C.    Renditions are not carried over to thethe new version.
D.    All renditions are copied from the previous version to the new version.

Answer: C

Which tool can be used to manage alias sets?

A.    Webtop
B.    Application Builder
C.    Workflow Manager
D.    Compliance Manager

Answer: B

A user assigns a permission set to a document.The Content Server performs the following actions:
-Create a copy of permission set.
-resolves the aliasesin the copy of actual user or group names.
-Assign the copy to the objects.
Which class of permission sets did the user apply to the document?

A.    public
B.    private
C.    custom
D.    template

Answer: D

Aliases and alias sets enable DocApps to be portable to repositories, while making use of different _____ between the repositories.

A.    cabinets, formats and stores
B.    users, groups and folder paths
C.    interfaces, classes and methods
D.    object types, lifecycles and attributes

Answer: B

You have an alias structure:
– alias_set_name=’hotels’.
– alias_name=’downtown’.
What is the correct alias reference format?

C.    $hotels.downtown
D.    %hotels.downtown

Answer: D

Marketing has created a press release using Microsoft Word and checked it into the repository. They want to distribute the press release as a PDF. Which application automatically generates a rendition to accomplish this?

A.    Site Delivery Services
B.    Trusted Content Services
C.    Business Process Services
D.    Content Transformation Services

Answer: D

You have been asked to import a large volume of Office files from a shared filed system into the Documentum repository.
Which product should you use to ensure that the content is categorized, attributed and stored in the proper location based on a taxonomy?

A.    Documentum Discovery Manager
B.    Documentum Content Intelligence Services
C.    Documentum IRM Client for Microsoft Office
D.    Documentum Advanced Document Transformation Services

Answer: B

Which query will list the object IDs and names of all documents (current version only) in a repository that a user has permission to access?

A.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document
B.    selectr_object_id and object_name from dm_document
C.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document (all)
D.    selectr_object_id, object_name from dm_document where user_permit = ‘browse’

Answer: A

A user wants to search for a document in which the subject is set to either ‘server’ or ‘Server.’ Which DQL query will do this?

A.    selectobject_name from dm_document where subject like ‘%erver’
B.    selectobject_name from dm_document where subject = ‘Server’
C.    selectobject_name from dm_document where upper(subject) = ‘SERVER’
D.    selectobject_name from dm_document where upper(subject) = ‘Server’

Answer: C

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