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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (21-30)

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How do you build a list of documents within a repository that you frequently access?

A.    subscribe to the documents
B.    create versions of the documents
C.    create renditions of the documents
D.    change the permissions on the documents to Relate

Answer: A

Who can edit a checked-out document?

A.    the lock owner
B.    an administrator
C.    a workflow approver
D.    anyone in the same permission group

Answer: A

What CANNOT be created in a folder?

A.    folder
B.    cabinet
C.    document
D.    workflow template

Answer: B

Which can be subscribed to in the repository?

A.    ACL
B.    type
C.    group
D.    cabinet

Answer: D

Which action needs to be performed in Webtop to have the same object appear in multiple repository folders?

A.    link
B.    copy
C.    move
D.    export

Answer: A

Where in Webtop can you set the default format type for viewing?

A.    Properties
B.    Tools menu
C.    Preferences
D.    Advanced Search

Answer: C

What is the purpose of the copy function in Webtop?

A.    creates a new object in the repository
B.    creates a link to the object in the repository
C.    copies content to be pasted into other documents
D.    moves the object to another location in the repository

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the clipboard in Webtop?

A.    Itmoves, copies and links objects in the repository.
B.    It copies text from the operating system toWebtop.
C.    It copies a repository folder to the operating system.
D.    It saves a new version of a document in the repository.

Answer: A

What action does the Content Server perform when a document is checked out?

A.    It places a lock on the document.
B.    It adds a new rendition to the document.
C.    It adds a minor version to the document.
D.    It changes the location of the document within the repository.

Answer: A

With full-text indexing enabled, which rule applies to simple searches?

A.    Searches are case-sensitive.
B.    Searches are run only against the content.
C.    Searches are run against any indexed repository.
D.    Searches are run against all searchable attributes.

Answer: D

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