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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (201-210)

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Which statement is true about installing a DocApp in a repository?

A.    MultipleDocApps can co-exist in a single repository.
B.    Previously installedDocApps must be uninstalled first.
C.    MultipleDocApps can co-exist in a single repository, provided they are owned by the same user.
D.    TheDocApp cannot already be installed in other repositories managed by the same Content Server.

Answer: A

Which object CANNOT be included in a DocApp?

A.    users
B.    folders
C.    documents
D.    relation types

Answer: A

Creating a DocApp archive, enables the DocApp to be _____.

A.    installed in arespository
B.    modified and versioned
C.    included in a virtual document
D.    routed for review and approval

Answer: A

When modifying an existing custom attribute in a DocApp, which type of change is allowed?

A.    increasing the length of stringdatatypes
B.    converting datedatatypes to string datatypes
C.    increasing the precision of floating pointdatatypes
D.    converting integerdatatypes to floating point datatypes

Answer: A

Which statement is true about dropping a custom type?

A.    The type’s attributes must be deleted first.
B.    Objects of that type cannot exist in the repository.
C.    The parent type must be aDocumentum base type.
D.    The type’s attributes need to be added to any subtypes of the type being dropped.

Answer: B

The inclusion of which objects in a DocApp help to make it more portable between different repositories?

A.    aliases
B.    lifecycles
C.    methods
D.    relation types

Answer: A

Which statement is true about Documentum base types?

A.    Documentum base types cannot be dropped.
B.    Documentum base types can be modified, but cannot be dropped.
C.    Documentum base types can be removed and replaced with custom types.
D.    Documentum base types cannot be modified, but their attributes can be modified.

Answer: A

Where is a DocApp stored?

A.    in the repository
B.    on the Index Server
C.    on the Application Server
D.    in the developer’s local file system

Answer: A

An alias set object defines pairs of alias values and their corresponding alias _____.

A.    origins
B.    names
C.    owners
D.    permissions

Answer: B

What is a benefit of permission set templates?

A.    Folders that use permission set templates can be locked.
B.    Permission set templates eliminate the need for custom permission sets.
C.    Permission set templates allow enhanced permissions to be applied to an object.
D.    Users and groups referenced in a permission set template can be dynamically assigned.

Answer: D

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