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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (191-200)

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You are creating a publication that consists of two Microsoft Word documents, a chart created in Microsoft PowerPoint, two JPEG images and a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet. Each member of the publication is being authored by a different user. To maintain proper quality control during the creation process, weekly backups of the publication need to be made. Which implementation of a Documentum feature was designed to maintain proper quality and control in this example?

A.    separate folders for each content type in the publication
B.    a custom type with hard-coded references to each member of the publication
C.    a virtual document containing each member of the publication as a component
D.    a singledm_document object containing a multi-paged scan of each member of the publication

Answer: C

You need to create a virtual document to group the different chapters and diagrams for the book your company is going to publish. What do you need to do to begin defining your book?

A.    convert an existing folder to act as the root of a virtual document
B.    create a new folder to act as the root of a virtual document
C.    convert an existing document to act as the root of a virtual document
D.    create an object of typedm_virtual_doc to act as the root of a virtual document

Answer: C

You have in your repository three custom object types:
-my_folder, which is a subtype of dm_folder.
-my_report, which is a subtype of dm_document
-my_content, which is a subtype of dmr_content
In your repository, which objects can be added as components to a virtual document?

A.    my_report and my_content
B.    dm_sysobject and my_report
C.    my_folder and dm_sysobject
D.    my_content and dm_document

Answer: B

Your repository has a custom object type my_report, which extends dm_document. You want to find all versions of dm_document and my_report objects checked out by you. How would you complete the following query to accomplish this?
select * from _____ where r_lock_owner=user

A.    dm_document
B.    dm_document (all)
C.    dm_document descend
D.    dm_document or my_report

Answer: B

Which statement about the DQL WHERE clause is true?

A.    It narrows a search by specifying search conditions.
B.    It specifies which object properties should be retrieved.
C.    It specifies the order in which search results should be returned.
D.    It indicates whichDocumentum repository should be searched.

Answer: A

Which user can create a group using Webtop?

A.    only a user with Superuser privilege
B.    a user with Create Group privilege AND clientcapablity Coordinator
C.    a user with a privilege None AND client capability System Administrator
D.    a user with a privilege Create Group AND client capability System Administrator

Answer: D

The dm_group type is a subtype of _____.

A.    dm_acl
B.    dm_user
C.    dm_sysobject
D.    persistent object

Answer: D

Which statement is true about DocApps?

A.    ADocApp does not have any permissions applied to it.
B.    ADocApp can be created by any user in the repository.
C.    ADocApp can be checked out and modified using Webtop.
D.    ADocApp consists of pointers to objects in the repository.

Answer: D

What must you do to include a virtual document in a DocApp?

A.    Virtual documents cannot be included in aDocApp.
B.    You add the root virtual document and each component object individually.
C.    You add the root virtual document only and this will automatically add all component objects.
D.    You add any component object of a virtual document and this will automatically add any virtual documents that contain the added component object.

Answer: B

To remove a custom object type from the repository, which condition must be true?

A.    The Connection Broker must be off-line.
B.    No users can be logged into the repository.
C.    Thedm_StateOfDocbase job must be running.
D.    There can be no instances of the custom object type in the repository.

Answer: D

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