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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (171-180)

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To reduce the administration of managing multiple content repositories spread across geographical areas, what architecture should be implemented?

A.    content replication
B.    Site Caching Services
C.    federated repositories
D.    distributed storage areas

Answer: C

Object metadata is stored in _____.

A.    a flat file
B.    the content store
C.    the Content Server
D.    a relational database

Answer: D

Content is represented and managed in the repository as _____.

A.    a file
B.    a record
C.    an object
D.    a property

Answer: C

Using a browser which components are needed to access content on a repository?

A.    Index Server, Content Server
B.    Application Server, Index Server
C.    Application Server, Content Server
D.    Transformation Server, Content Server

Answer: C

You want to manage all content assets in an enterprise. What architectural characteristic provides this in the Documentum solution?

A.    Common repository
B.    Relational database
C.    Application Integration Services
D.    Content Transformation Services

Answer: A

Your department decides to make a major change to a survey document that you stored in the repository using a new file.Which actions should you use to replace the existing survey document with the new file?

A.    check out and import
B.    check out and save as
C.    check out and check in
D.    check out and check in from file

Answer: D

A folder structure has a top level folder, sub-folder and files. What content is included when using the Import function under Webtop’s File menu to import the top level folder?

A.    only the files
B.    only the files and metadata
C.    the top level folder, files and metadata
D.    the top level folder, sub-folder and files

Answer: D

What benefit does full-text indexing provide?

A.    It enables searching of content and attributes ofdm_user objects.
B.    It enables a content file’s object index and attribute index to be modified easily.
C.    It enablesdoctypes and subtypes to be organized more effeciently in the repository.
D.    It enables exact text strings to be searched rapidly in content files and attribute values.

Answer: D

A user with no system administrator privilege created a Saved Search in Webtop.
Which statement is true about other users of the repository running this Saved Search?

A.    By default, all users are allowed to run the Saved Search.
B.    Only the user who creates the Saved Search can run the Saved Search.
C.    For other users to run the Saved Search, permission on the Saved Search (dm_smart_list) object must be modified.
D.    For other users to run the Saved Search, the Saved Search (dm_smart_list) object must be moved to the sysadmin/saved search folder.

Answer: A

Using Webtop’s Advanced Search feature, which property condition is used to find all the documents in the repository with the ‘department’ attribute value of ‘Sales’ or ‘Marketing’?

A.    department inSales,Marketing
B.    department inSales;Marketing
C.    department containsSales,Marketing
D.    department containsSales;Marketing

Answer: A

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