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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (161-170)

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Which DQL keyword is used to return current and non-current versions of an object in a Documentum repository?

A.    *
B.    (all)
D.    VERSION=’*’

Answer: B

When does the Content Server resolve an alias on a sysobject?

A.    every time the object is checked in
B.    the first time the object is checked in
C.    when the object’s lifecycle state changes
D.    when the object is linked to a folder in the repository

Answer: B

A user wants to list the names of all documents with names that begin with ‘mast.’ How would the user complete the following query to accomplish this? select object_name from dm_document _____.

A.    whereobject_name like ‘mast*’
B.    whereobject_name like ‘mast%’
C.    whereobject_name like ‘*mast*’
D.    whereobject_name like ‘%mast%’

Answer: B

The repository installation has requirements of high demand and mitigation of single points of failure. Which set of Documentum components can be built with multiple instances to fulfill this requirement?

A.    Application Server, database
B.    Business Object Registry, DFC
C.    cabinet structure, Index Server
D.    Content Server, Connection Broker

Answer: D

Which implementation of distributed content architecture provides for both content and metadata to be synchronized across multiple repositories?

A.    object replication
B.    Site Caching Services
C.    federated repositories
D.    distributed storage areas

Answer: A

The Documentum repository consists of which mandatory components?

A.    Application Server and Index Server
B.    Index Server and File Storage System
C.    Application Server and File Storage System
D.    File Storage System and Relational Database

Answer: D

What restrictions are placed on content file formats stored in the Documentum repository?

A.    must be Microsoft Office formats
B.    must be Microsoft Office formats or PDF
C.    no restrictions – any format is supported
D.    must install special software for some formats

Answer: C

Which service does the Documentum repository use to transfer content from third-party applications that do not have plug-ins or connectors?

A.    Library Services
B.    Content Storage Services
C.    Federated Search Services
D.    Application Integration Services

Answer: D

What action does the Content Server perform when a document is checked out?

A.    It places a lock on the document.
B.    It adds a new rendition to the document.
C.    It adds a minor version to the document.
D.    It changes the location of the document within the repository.

Answer: A

With full-text indexing enabled, which rule applies to simple searches?

A.    Searches are case-sensitive.
B.    Searches are run only against the content.
C.    Searches are run against any indexed repository.
D.    Searches are run against all searchable attributes.

Answer: D

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