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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (141-150)

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When a custom object type is created, where is information about the type stored?

A.    data dictionary
B.    the file system
C.    the master type spreadsheet
D.    the server.ini configuration file

Answer: A

Custom object types _____ to meet business requirements.

A.    extend basic types
B.    replace basic types
C.    supersede basic types
D.    cannot be implemented

Answer: A

Which statement is true about the storage of custom object type attributes in the repository?

A.    One table will exist to store the values of all the attributes.
B.    If the object type has single-valued attributes, a table will exist to store the values of these attributes.
C.    If the object type has repeating-valued attributes, one table will exist for each of the repeating- valued attributes.
D.    Two tables will always exist: one to store the values of the single-valued attributes and the other for the values of the repeating-valued attributes.

Answer: B

Which attributes are automatically set by the Content Server when a document is created?

A.    r_modify_date, log_entry
B.    log_entry, a_application_type
C.    r_modify_date, i_chronicle_id
D.    i_chronicle_id, a_application_type

Answer: C

Your system has a custom object type, called my_report, that extends dm_document. my_report has a custom attribute called departments. You are defining another custom object type that is called my_financial_report. It will extend my_report.Which statement is true?

A.    You need to specify thatmy_financial_report will also have a departments attribute.
B.    You can define an attribute called departments inmy_financial_report object type.
C.    The attribute title, defined indm_sysobject, will exist in objects of type my_financial_report.
D.    The attributereport_name, defined in dm_document, will exist in objects of type my_financial_report.

Answer: C

You want to create a custom object type, called my_report that is going to extend dm_document.
Which name is valid for the custom attributes?

A.    $_paid
B.    subject
C.    departments
D.    finance code

Answer: C

You have an object in your system with object ID 67001b3f80000100.
In which repository is this object located?

A.    repository with ID 001b3f
B.    repository with ID 01b3f8
C.    repository with ID 67001b
D.    repository with ID 67001b3f

Answer: A

A repository has two custom object types:
An object in this repository has the object ID 09001b3f80004d73.
What is the type of the object?

A.    my_sop only
B.    dm_user only
C.    dm_document only
D.    my_sop or dm_document

Answer: D

An object type is a pre-defined template of unique _____.

A.    properties and files
B.    formats and methods
C.    properties and formats
D.    properties and methods

Answer: D

When defining a custom object type, which is a valid attribute data type?

A.    Date
B.    Float
C.    Double
D.    Number

Answer: C

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