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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (131-140)

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A company maintains 50 Documentum systems across multiple global locations. The company wants to maintain security and custom object types consistent across each instance. Which is the best deployment configuration to set up to reduce maintenance and administration of all instances?

A.    federated repository architecture
B.    single stack multiple site architecture
C.    single repository distributed architecture
D.    multiple repository distributed architecture

Answer: A

Which is a function of the Content Server?

A.    manages the repository
B.    presents user applications
C.    negotiates client connections
D.    processes content transformations

Answer: A

The two primary components of a repository are the Content File store and the _____.

A.    database
B.    application
C.    configuration
D.    Index Server

Answer: A

A corporation maintains a Documentum system with a Content Server in each of three locations.
The Content Servers utilize the same database datA. Each Content Server connects to a content store that is replicated for use by the other Content Servers.This installation represents an instance of _____ architecture.

A.    federated repository
B.    single stack multiple site
C.    single repository distributed
D.    multiple repository distributed

Answer: C

Which statement is true about the communication between the Connection Broker and the Content Server?

A.    The Connection Broker translates communication between client and Content Server protocols.
B.    The Content Server projects its status to the Connection Broker for storage and reference by clients.
C.    The Content Server is polled by the Connection Broker and retrieves status information for use by clients.
D.    The Connection Broker and Content Server challenge requests from clients to ensure proper

Answer: B

A company has a repository in which documents automatically receive the permission set from the containing folder. The system administrator needs to adjust this setting.Where would the change be made?

A.    client initialization file
B.    server initialization file
C.    server configuration object
D.    docbase configuration object

Answer: C

What are Documentum Foundation Classes and Business Objects Framework?

A.    system maintenance tools
B.    Documentum programming languages
C.    interfaces used to build client applications
D.    modules used to execute automated processing

Answer: C

A workgroup develops documentation that will be consumed on the web via discreet electronic files and in print.Which Documentum solution would support this workgroup?

A.    collaboration services
B.    rich media management
C.    automatic categorization
D.    dynamic content publishing

Answer: D

You are using the object model shown in the diagram. You want to have a new attribute available only in custom_document_b, custom_document_c, and custom_document_d. To which object(s) would you add the new attribute?

A.    dm_document
B.    custom_document_b only
C.    custom_document_c and custom_document d only
D.    custom_document_b, custom_document_c and custom_document d

Answer: B

Which is the super type of dm_folder?

A.    dm_store
B.    dm_cabinet
C.    dm_sysobject
D.    dmr_containment

Answer: C

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