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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (111-120)

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What is an advantage of using DQL rather than ANSI SQL?

A.    DQL can be used to import content from any JSR-170-compliant content management system.
B.    DQL executes much faster and more efficiently on Oracle databases than ANSI SQL does.
C.    DQL shields the user from inadvertently deleting anything from aDocumentum repository.
D.    DQL inherently understands server security and object definitions and hides the complexity of theDocumentum RDBMS structure.

Answer: D

Which DQL statement will always return only one object from the Documentum repository?

A.    SELECTr_object_id FROM dm_document WHERE content > 0
B.    SELECTobject_name FROM dm_document WHERE object = ‘Docbase’
C.    SELECT * FROMdm_document WHERE r_object_id = ‘0900000000009999’
D.    SELECTobject_name, r_object_id, a_content_type FROM dm_document where FOLDER(‘/Temp’, descend)

Answer: C

Which DQL element is used to identify object properties to retrieve from a Documentum repository?

A.    FROM

Answer: C

Which statement about DQL is true?

A.    DQL is a scripted language used to customizeDocumentum client UIs.
B.    DQL is a compiled language that executes faster than SQL on Oracle databases.
C.    DQL is a more precise language than SQL and therefore returns a more precise set of results.
D.    DQL inherently understands repository objects, versions and permissions in addition to RDBMS tables and rows.

Answer: D

What is returned by the following query?
SELECT * FROM dm_document WHERE owner_name = ‘dm_admin’

A.    zero or one property ofdm_documents
B.    all properties of objects created bydm_admin
C.    all versions ofdm_document objects owned by user dm_admin
D.    a predefined list of properties fromdm_document objects owned by dm_admin

Answer: D

A user has marked several documents for removal from a repository by setting the subject property of the documents to ‘remove.’
Which DQL statement will delete these documents?

A.    prunedm_document objects where subject = ‘remove’
B.    removedm_document objects where subject = ‘remove’
C.    deletedm_document objects where subject = ‘remove’
D.    destroydm_document objects where subject = ‘remove’

Answer: C

A user wants to add userA as an additional author of a document named ‘document1.’ Which DQL statement will do this?

A.    updatedm_document object set authors = ‘userA’ where object_name = ‘document1’
B.    updatedm_document object set authors[1] = ‘userA’ where object_name = ‘document1’
C.    updatedm_document object append authors = ‘userA’ where object_name = ‘document1’
D.    updatedm_document object add authors = ‘userA’ where object_name = ‘document1’

Answer: C

You have been asked to implement a solution to manage a large collection of documents that need to be archived, based on both internal legal requirements and specific government regulations. On which product should you base your solution?

A.    Documentum Records Manager
B.    Documentum Compliance Manager
C.    Documentum Content Storage Services
D.    Documentum Retention Policy Services

Answer: A

You have been asked to improve the authoring and publishing of websites on your organization’s intranet. Which product should you use to accomplish this?

A.    Documentum Web Publisher
B.    Documentum Discovery Manager
C.    Documentum Digital Asset Manager
D.    Documentum Web Development Kit

Answer: A

You have been asked to improve an internal online library of the organization’s images and video clips. You want users to be able to make edits to the existing content and add new objects to the library. Which product should you use to replace the current library?

A.    Documentum Webtop
B.    Documentum Web Publisher
C.    Documentum Web Development Kit
D.    Documentum Digital Asset Manager

Answer: D

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