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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (1-10)

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A document has been checked out from Webtop and edited in the native desktop authoring application. Which statement is true about the check-in of the file to add a new version?

A.    It must be checked in viaWebtop.
B.    Any combination ofWebtop and the authoring integrations will work.
C.    A check-in through the native authoring application will create a new rendition.
D.    The native authoring application integrations can be used to check-in the document.

Answer: A

Which product allows the user to interact with the repository in the same way that the user can interact with a Windows network drive?

A.    Import Manager
B.    File Share Services
C.    Business Process Services
D.    Network Drive Share Services

Answer: B

Which Microsoft application is directly integrated into the Documentum Content Server?

A.    Outlook
B.    Project
C.    Publisher
D.    Internet Explorer

Answer: A

When you import a document, what happens to the content file?

A.    The Content Server maintains a link to the file on your local file system.
B.    The Content Server adds the file to a queue for uploading at a later time.
C.    The file is uploaded to the Content Server and remains on your local file system.
D.    The file is uploaded to the Content Server and is deleted from your local file system.

Answer: C

When checking in a document through Webtop, which option can you set?

A.    Change permissions
B.    Specify folder location
C.    Change document type
D.    Subscribe to the document

Answer: D

When a user imports a document into a repository, where does the content file reside?

A.    on the user’s local file system and inWebtop
B.    inWebtop, but not on the user’s local file system
C.    on the user’s local file system and on the Content Server
D.    on the Content Server, but not on the user’s local file system

Answer: C

Prior to check-in of a newly created document using a template from the repository, other users can _____.

A.    edit the document
B.    move the document
C.    delete the document
D.    browse document properties

Answer: D

How can you tell if the Microsoft Office integrations have been enabled on your machine?

A.    ADocumentum toolbar is added to Microsoft Office products.
B.    An additionalDocumentum menu is added to Microsoft Office products.
C.    You are prompted to log intoDocumentum when you create a new Microsoft Office file.
D.    ADocumentum application integration splash screen displays when you launch a Microsoft Office product.

Answer: B

When using Webtop, what happens to the renditions of an object when the object is checked in as the same version using a new file?

A.    All renditions are deleted from the version.
B.    All renditions are attached with the version.
C.    Only the first rendition is attached with the version.
D.    The document owner must set the permissions for other users to view the renditions.

Answer: A

Click the <Exhibit> button. In the version tree that is shown, which version number represents the first node of the branch?


A.    1.0
B.    1.2

Answer: C

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