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Free Download Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP0-P15 Exam Question with PDF & VCE

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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-P15
Exam Name: Planning & Designing HP Superdome 2 Solutions

What is the correct definition of the HP Converged Infrastructure?

A.    It packages IT components into one virtual shared resource that can be shared across the enterprise.
B.    It matches the supply of IT resources with the demand for business applications and delivers a services-oriented infrastructure.
C.    It enables purpose-centric solutions, such as those built for scale, holistic energy management, and adaptive software, that deliver performance, efficiency, and value.
D.    It evolves the IT infrastructure from a product-centric approach to a technology-based approach.

Answer: B

What is included in a BladeSystem Matrix product number (SKU)? (Select two.)

A.    Converged Infrastructure assessment service
B.    installation and setup services
C.    HP Flex Financing
D.    integrated IT infrastructure platform
E.    proof of concept

Answer: BD

Which Superdome 2 features have a clear advantage over Sun UltraSparc T2 systems regarding the solution infrastructure and I/O RAS (reliability, availability, and scalability)?

A.    redundant I/O paths
B.    fault-tolerant I/O fabric
C.    hot-swap, dual-grid (N+N) power
D.    electrically isolated partitions

Answer: B

What are the characteristics of the HP Infrastructure Operating Environment? (Select two.)

A.    enables dynamic tuning of resources
B.    virtualizes network systems and protocols
C.    regulates power in the data center
D.    optimizes the data center cooling environment
E.    speeds time to application value

Answer: AE

How many Onboard Administrator (OA) modules and Global Partition Services Modules (GPSMs) ship standard in a single Superdome 2 enclosure?

A.    two OA modules and four GPSMs
B.    two OA modules and two GPSMs
C.    four OA modules and two GPSMs
D.    four OA modules and four GPSMs

Answer: B

A Superdome 2 with a single nPar and five Integrity Virtual Machines is running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. What would happen if you used Locality-Optimized Resource Alignment (LORA) in this system?

A.    The Integrity Virtual Machine host would not boot.
B.    Integrity Virtual Machines would not boot.
C.    Performance would improve.
D.    The nPar would be limited to vPars only.

Answer: C

Which components can be mixed in a Superdome 2 partition?

A.    processors with different frequencies
B.    processors with different cache sizes
C.    DIMM speeds
D.    DIMM sizes

Answer: D

Which system requirements are necessary to implement Locality-Optimized Resource Alignment (LORA) in order to increase system performance? (Select two.)

A.    Dual Data Rate 3 (DDR-3) DRAMs
B.    sx3000 based Superdome 2
C.    Non-Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA)
D.    Uniform Memory Architecture (UMA)
E.    HP-UX 11i v3 Update 3 or later

Answer: CE

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