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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C4040-121
Exam Name: Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i – v1

What are two methods to determine the partition to which virtual disks are assigned?

A.    In VIO Server, use Ispv-AvI
In the HMC command line, use Isvdev-p
B.    In VIO Server, use Isdev-v command
C.    In VIQ Server, use the Isctg -vI command
In IBM i, use the WRKHWDRSC *STG command
D.    In VIO Server, use the Ismap command
In the HMC GUI use Virtual Resources/Virtual Storage Management

Answer: D

The DSPFMWSTS on an IBM i 7.1 partition appears as shown:

As part of troubleshooting, IBM support asks that level AL730_087 be deactivated.
How is that accomplished?

A.    Run command DLTPTF PTF(MH01310) RMV(*TEMP)
B.    Run command RMVPTF LICPGM(5770SS1) SELECT(MH01310) DELAYED(*YES), then restart the
C.    Stop all partitions
Change the managed system to start in “P” mode
Restart the managed system
From the HMC, select Updates
D.    On the resulting screen, select the managed system
Under Tasks select Change Licensed Internal Code for Current Release In the wizard select Deactivate
Temporary Level

Answer: C

A client IBM i partition running 6.1 is being upgraded to 7.1 using an image catalog on an IBM i 6.1 partition. The image catalog is loaded into a virtual optical device and made available to the client partition using a Network Server Description and virtual SCSI adapters.
Which statement is correct?

A.    The next volumes will have to be mounted manually, one by one.
B.    The virtual optical device performs as a library in IBM i 6.1.
C.    The device will show on the client with the same name as on the host.
D.    The virtual optical device should be specified in the NWSD before it can be seen by the client partition.

Answer: A

Auditors have reviewed access to the HMC and determined that many users have too much authority on the HMC. What is the correct method to restrict users to only a specific set of resources?

A.    Change the users’ task role to hmcoperator.
B.    Create and assign a new task role that allows only the required set of tasks.
C.    In Manage Users and Tasks, select each resource that is required for this user.
D.    Create and assign a new resource role that allows access to only the required resources.

Answer: D

A client plans to add a Power 770 server to a POWEP6 environment. What resource can the administrator use to determine if the HMC is at the correct level to support the new server firmware?

A.    ASMI
B.    HMC Service Agent
C.    Power Code Matrix
D.    System Planning Tool

Answer: C

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