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Vendor: Cloudera
Exam Code: CCB-400
Exam Name: Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache Hbase

Your client application if; writing data to a Region. By default, where is the data saved first?

A.    StoreFile
B.    WAL
C.    MemStore
D.    Local disk on theRegionServer

Answer: C

You want to do a full table scan on your data. You decide to disable block caching to see if this improves scan performance. Will disabling block caching improve scan performance?

A.    No. Disabling block caching does notimprove scan performance.
B.    Yes.When you disable blockcaching, youfreeup that memory for other operations.Witha full table scan,you cannot take advantage of blockcaching anyway because your entiretable won’tfitinto cache.
C.    No. If you disable block caching, HBase must read each block index from disk for each scan,thereby decreasing scan performance.
D.    Yes. When you disable block caching, youfree up memory forMemStore, which improves,scanperformance.

Answer: B

You have 40 Web servers producing timeseries data from Web traffic logs. You want to attain high write throughput for storing this data in an HBase table. Which of these should you choose for a row key to maximize your write throughput?

A.    <hashCode(centralServerGeneratedSequenceID) ><timestamp>
B.    <Long.MAX_VALUE ?timestam>;
C.    <timestamp>
D.    <hashCode(serverGeneratingTheWeblog)><timestamp>

Answer: C

You have data already stored in HDFS and are considering using HBase. Which additional feature does HBase provide to HDFS?

A.    Random writes
B.    Batchprocessing
C.    Fault tolerance
D.    Scalability

Answer: A

You need to free up disk space on your HBase cluster. You delete all versions of your data that is older than one week. You notice your delete has had minimal impact on your storage availability.
This is because:

A.    You have large store file indexes
B.    HBase has not flushed the MemStore
C.    HBasehas not run a minor compaction
D.    HBase has notrun a major compaction

Answer: A

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