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Free Download HP HP2-B102 VCE Test Engine Full Version Now

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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-B102
Exam Name: HP Imaging and Printing Sales Fundamentals

What is an advantage of a multifunction printer?

A.    Once it has reached its monthly print volume, it automatically turns off to limit excess copy charges to the client.
B.    It can print faster than a single function printer can.
C.    It uses fewer supplies than a single function printer does.
D.    It takes up less floor space than individual devices for faxing, scanning, printing, and copying.

Answer: D

Which statement is true about initial contacts between a customer and a business?

A.    Most initial contacts result in a purchase.
B.    Most initial contacts are face to face
C.    Most initial contacts occur through documents.
D.    Most initial contacts occur during the day.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of up-selling?

A.    to sell additional, third-party solutions
B.    to sell accessories
C.    to sell higher value products by series, family, or category
D.    to sell on-site services

Answer: C

What is an imaging and printing industry trend?

A.    seeking information on the internet
B.    using templates to create a business brand
C.    creating paperless offices
D.    converging of multiple functions into one device

Answer: D

HP ink cartridges are recycled by first shredding the plastic cartridge bodies What happens to the shredded material?

A.    It is sold for use in shipping containers, auto parts, and carpet fibers.
B.    It is used to make new print cartridges.
C.    It is cleaned, compressed, and disposed of in the land fill.
D.    It is used to make HP recycled paper, which is exclusively used on HP campuses worldwide.

Answer: A

A client who purchases new technologies upon the recommendation of their colleagues is part of which group?

A.    Laggard
B.    Early adopters
C.    Late majority
D.    Early majority

Answer: A

What is the goal when optimizing an imaging and printing fleet?

A.    centralization of printing on a few devices
B.    replacement of single-function printers with multifunction devices
C.    replacement of all ink devices with laser devices
D.    a balance between cost and productivity

Answer: D

What is NOT addressed in the HP Value Proposition?

A.    simplicity
B.    assessment
C.    real world performance
D.    reliability

Answer: B

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