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Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-860
Exam Name: Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam

Your customer uses quotas on existing Windows server and wants to implement tree quotas on their new Celerra. The data is strictly home directories with no .pst files. Which tool would you use to migrate this filesystem from the Windows server to the Celerra?

A.    After creating tree quotas use fscopy
B.    CDMS assigning tree quotas once data is migrated
C.    After creating tree quotas use emcopy to migrate data
D.    Celerra Replicator assigning tree quotas once data is replicated

Answer: C

The customer is reporting many Kerberos credential error messages in the server log file for server_4. They are using NAS v.5.4. What should be done to get new credentials?

A.    Delete cred file
B.    Flush the ccache
C.    Delete Kerberos cache file
D.    Delete Kerberos configuration

Answer: B

FFF Industries notices that NIS is used in the resolving order before usermapper in NAS 5.4. They ask to change the resolving order, they would like to have usermapper first. What would you tell them?

A.    Edit "nsswitch.conf" and put nis in front of passwd
B.    Edit "nsswitch.conf" and add usermapper in front of nis
C.    Adding usermapper into the resolving order is not supported
D.    Change usermapper in the resolving order is not possible

Answer: D

Which two [2] network protocols does the Celerra support?

A.    ARP and RIP
B.    RIP and OSPF
C.    PAgP and ARP
D.    ARP and OSPF

Answer: A

Your customer has implemented HighRoad and they are having performance problems. What could be the cause?

A.    Nolock locking policy is set for HighRoad
B.    Customer’s application uses large file transfers
C.    They configured a 32KB stripe size with Symmetrix
D.    Maximum number of HighRoad threads are less then 128

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button to see the error that is occurring when trying to register all four Data Mover HBAs.
Why did CLARiiON CX600 array only register two of four Data Mover HBAs instead of all four?


A.    Zone record limit exceeded
B.    Initiator record limit exceeded
C.    All zones are configured with one HBA
D.    Initiator record limit has not been reached

Answer: B

Which Datamover passwd file entry is INCORRECT?

A.    martin:*:1359:2007:Martin de Porres(NGFP):/tmp:/bin/ksh
B.    john.saintdomain:*:1305:207:John Paul(NGFP):/tmp:/bin/ksh
C.    thomas=20more.saintdomain:*:1546:207:Thomas More(NGFP):/tmp:/bin/ksh
D.    vincent%20ferrer.saintdomain:*:5413:207:Vincent Ferrer(NGFP):/tmp:/bin/ksh

Answer: D

You would like to run Celerra Replicator on one of your production file systems. You found from watching the last incremental backup that you have a change rate of 2% a day on that file system. The file system size is 100 GB. You want to calculate the size of the SavVol to be able to continue with replication even if you have a 4 day network outage between the source and destination site. What size must the SavVol be to accommodate the changes?

A.    400 MB
B.    800 MB
C.    4 GB
D.    8 GB

Answer: D

The customer has just created a CIFS server, he is now trying to create a vdm on the data mover and is unable to.
This is the command he used to create the CIFS server:
server_cifs ENG -add compname=EMC2, Why is he unable to create the VDM?

A.    VDM can be created if you stop and start CIFS first, then create the VDM
B.    Customer never joined the CIFS server to the domain, and therefore the VDM will fail
C.    Customer created a default VDM, which uses all interfaces, there are no free interfaces available
D.    Customer has created a default CIFS server, which uses all interfaces. There are no free interfaces available

Answer: D

You have to migrate a multiprotocol filesystem from a NetApp filer to an NS702G. The customer uses NIS for centralized user management. What would your method be for migrating the filesystem?

A.    CDMS for both NFS and CIFS
B.    CDMS for NFS because the user management is done from the NFS side.
C.    emcopy to bring over all the data and then use rsync to bring over the Unix ACLs
D.    Rsync to bring over all the data and then use emcopy to bring over the CIFS ACLs

Answer: D

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