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Vendor: Check Point
Exam Code: 156-816.61
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert – VSX NGX

VSX clusters are defined at two levels:

A.    VSX cluster and physical device
B.    VSX cluster and virtual device
C.    VSX Gateway and physical device
D.    VSX cluster and VSX Gateway
E.    VSX Gateway and Virtual device

Answer: E

What is the term used to describe a port or interface that shares traffic from more than one VLAN?

A.    VLAN riding
B.    VLAN trunking
C.    Frame-Strata enabled
D.    Comprehensive Layer-2 label support
E.    Comprehensive VLAN Tag support

Answer: B

TRUE or FALSE. A Virtual System in Bridge Mode can enforce anti-spoofing definitions.

A.    False, anti-spoofing can’t be configured for Virtual systems in Bridge Mode
B.    True, as long as the Virtual System has more than two interfaces defined
C.    True, anti-spoofing must be manually defined in bridge mode
D.    True, as long as Network Address Translation is performed
E.    True, anti-spoofing measures are defined automatically is Bridge mode

Answer: C

The ____________ interface is configured in a VLAN environment, to allow multiple Virtual systems to share a single physical interface on a VSX Gateway.

A.    Synchronization
B.    Warp
C.    Symbolic
D.    Virtual
E.    Physical

Answer: D

At installation, the __________ is bound to all configured physical interfaces of a VSX Gateway, UNLESS the interfaces are specifically assigned to another component.

A.    VSX Management Server
B.    Synchronization Network
C.    Internal Virtual Router
D.    External Virtual Router
E.    Management Virtual System

Answer: E

The provisioning and network configuration channel does NOT:

A.    Create Virtual Systems and Virtual Routers on a Gateway
B.    Install Administrator defined Security Policies
C.    Install a default Security Policy blocking all traffic
D.    Create a SCI Certificate for new objects and transfer the Certificate to an object on the VSX Gateway
E.    Configure interface and routing information on the Gateway

Answer: B

Which of the following is a type of VLAN membership?

A.    Port-based
B.    Time-based
C.    Session-based
D.    Protocol-based
E.    Application-based

Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT a type of physical interface seen in a VSX Gateway?

A.    Dedicated management
B.    Synchronization
C.    External
D.    Internal
E.    Warp

Answer: E

A Virtual System in Bridge Mode is a Virtual System that implements:

A.    Dynamic IP Routing
B.    Network Address Translation
C.    IP Routing
D.    Native Layer-2 Communications
E.    VLAN Tagging

Answer: D

Which of the following virtual devices will NOT fail over, if its interface fails in a VSX High Availability configuration?

A.    Management Virtual System Interfaces
B.    External Virtual Router
C.    Virtual Switch
D.    Virtual System with VLAN Interfaces
E.    Virtual System with dedicated interfaces

Answer: C

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