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CA Technologies CAT-020 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

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Vendor: CA Technologies
Exam Code: CAT-020
Exam Name: CA eHealth r6 Professional Exam

Which attribute applies to the Days to (from) threshold column in the Situations to watch chart?

A.    A number in parentheses indicates the number of days until the threshold is reached.
B.    A number indicates the number of days the predicted values has exceeded the threshold.
C.    Increasing means that the predicted value is more than 365 days from reaching the threshold.
D.    Chronic means that the predicted value has exceeded the threshold for 3 times the baseline period.

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the Health Index Leaders chart?

A.    Shows the elements with better than average performance
B.    Shows a table listing the ten best performing health indices
C.    Shows the optimum thresholds against which all report data is measured
D.    Shows a table listing the elements with the highest Health Index numbers

Answer: D

Which basic properties make a Trend report a useful troubleshooting tool? (Choose three)

A.    Reveals patterns over time
B.    Reveals relationships between variables
C.    Reveals relationships between elements
D.    Reveals elements that exceed or fall below thresholds

Answer: ABC

By clicking an element name from a web-based Top N report, you can drill down to which type of report?

A.    Top
B.    Trend
C.    What-if
D.    At-a-Glance

Answer: D

When you customize reports, in which circumstance should you use the nhEncodeRdl command to change standard reports?

A.    In no circumstance
B.    When changing the Service Profile
C.    When changing the report definition file
D.    When changing the Presentation Attributes

Answer: A

From a Trend report, which drill-down report can be used to determine who is responsible for a WAN link?

A.    At-a-Glance
B.    Updated Trend
C.    Element Variable
D.    Element Configuration

Answer: D

To successfully install CA eHealth on the Microsoft Windows platform, the Microsoft Windows user MUST be a member of which group on the local computer?

A.    DBA
B.    Service
C.    Users and ORA_DBA
D.    Administrators and ORA_DBA

Answer: D

Which user can change permissions for Report Center administration?

A.    Author
B.    Report Admin
C.    Server Admin
D.    Directory Admin

Answer: D

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