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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Avaya 7003 Practice Tests (41-50)

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A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7 x system with a System Manager as the primary Security Server that has been designated as a Deployment Server. The application file (.nai) has been uploaded to the deployment manager library. The customer has added an element to the security domain and wants to deploy software applications to the element.
With respect to deployment services, which statement is false?

A.    Deployment Manager has logic to prevent applications being deployed on unsupported hardware
B.    MAS application has its own separate .nai file.
C.    IM & Presence application has its own separate .nai file.
D.    MAS can be deployed on the same server as Session Manager.

Answer: D
A technician is installing the Linux Base Operating System software on the CPDC server for the Avaya Aura system and steps away while the software is loading. When the technician returns, he verifies that the Linux base installation is complete and successfully installed.
What status can the technician verify to ensure the installation is successful?

A.    There is no visible indication available.
B.    The Linux server reboots and the FQDN login prompt appears.
C.    The status of Linux Hardening items is displayed and the system reboots.
D.    The Linux server reboots and the Linux Status Completion screen appears.

Answer: B
A technician on a Communication Server 1000E SA Rls. 7x cannot get a second media Gateway to register with the Call Server. The call server and Media Gateway 1 sit in the same 19 inch rack while Media Gateway 2 is in another building and connected via the computer IP network Media Gateway 2 can ping the Call Server but cannot register. The network is suspected of having a firewall or port blocking issue.
Which diagnostic tool will help to isolate and identify a firewall or port blocking issue between the call server and Media Gateway 2?

A.    Gryphon Tool
B.    Packet Capture Tool
C.    Linux PPP Tool
D.    Linux Modem Configuration Tool

Answer: B
A technician has just installed and configured a System Manager as the primary security Server and configured a Member Security Server with the Element Manager and Subscriber Manager Applications deployed. The Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x Call Server is part of this server security domain. All connections are up and running. When the new CS 1000 Rls. 7x system link on the elements window is clicked, the web browser returns with the following message.
“Destination IP address cannot be reached”
What is causing the problem?

A.    The browser window has not been refreshed.
B.    The Element Manager is unable to reach the MC32S via the ELAN.
C.    The Public Key Certificates for Web SSL were not added in the Call Server.
D.    The wrong Call Server IP address was entered during the application deployment.

Answer: D
Upon accessing Subscriber Manager, you discover that the Subscriber Manager database does not accurately reflect all the telephones managed under the Subscriber Manager database.
Which Subscriber Manager operation is required to update the Subscriber Manager database with the communication Server 1000 telephones?

A.    Account Synchronization
B.    LDAP Synchronization
C.    Publish Accounts
D.    CSV Subscriber Synchronization

Answer: A
A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 7x Co-Resident system, and needs to access the Call Server Overlay Shell to use the Call Server Overlay commands.
Which two commands are used to access the Call Server Shell? (Choose two)

A.    cspdt
B.    cslogin
C.    csaccess
D.    csconsole

Answer: BD
A technician is upgrading an existing Option 11C 5.5 system to a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x Standard Availability with a single media Gateway 1000E chassis. A CPMG Co- Resident Server card is being deployed during the upgrade. This is a stand-alone system that is not part of a larger network so the CPMG will act as its own Primary Server.
Which application should be deployed on the CPMG server for this customer?

A.    CS+SS+EM
C.    CS+SS+SubM
D.    CS+SS

Answer: D
A customer has completed the security configuration for the security servers in the Avaya Aura integrated system. The System is using Avaya Aura System Manager as the Primary Security Server. The Customer is accessing the Base manager of each Server from the Element list to perform base configuration changes. Aaa Base Managers are accessible except the primary server; When Clicking on the Primary Server, the customer is taken to the System Manager Dashboard page.
What is the recommended course of action for the customer?

A.    Log into the System Manager command to access Base Manager.
B.    On the system Manager Console, access UCM Roles to change access Privileges.
C.    No action is required; System Manager does not have an associated base Manager.
D.    Log into Base Manager of the Primary Security server using local-login to access the Base Manager.

Answer: C
Click the exhibit button. During the installation the installation of a Communication Server 1000E Rls. 7x High Availability system for a customer, attempts to register an IP 1230 Desktop telephone with the system are unsuccessful. Network connectivity issues have already been ruled out, however a system configuration issue is suspected.

What is causing the problem?

A.    The virtual gateway application is not enabled.
B.    The proper firmware has not been uploaded for this telephone.
C.    The Line Terminal Proxy Server is not enabled for the node
D.    The Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Policy off.

Answer: C
A technician is completing the configuration of a new IP node for a system. All files have been
transferred and synchronized, and `restart applications’ is clicked for the selected servers.
What will this cause the system to do?

A.    Reboot the Linux Server running the signaling server.
B.    Restart the signaling server application on selected servers.
C.    Restart the application on selected servers.
D.    Restart Jboss and the Signaling Server applications on the selected servers.

Answer: C

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