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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Avaya 7003 Practice Tests (21-30)

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Which hunt group supports Forward Hunt Group Calls?

A.    Sequential
B.    Collective
C.    Longest Waiting
D.    Collective Call Waiting

Answer: A

A customer wants to allow employees to divert external calls from their extension to their mobile telephones. With reference to the exhibit, which option should be disabled to satisfy the customer’s requirement?

A.    Auto Hold
B.    Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer
C.    Drop External Only Impromptu Conference.
D.    Visually Differentiate External Call

Answer: B

There are different providers running in Avaya one-X?Portal for IP Office.
Which provider handles the browser connections between the users and the one-X?Portal server?

A.    Telephony CSTA Provider
B.    Directory DSMLIP Office Provider
C.    PresentationLevel Provider
D.    VoiceMail Provider
E.    Directory DSML LDAP Provider

Answer: C

You can create additional VoiceMail Pro Administrator Types. Which three types are available? (Choose three.)

A.    Basic
B.    Manager
C.    Standard
D.    Advanced
E.    Administrator

Answer: ACE

Which statement about upgrading an existing IP Office system is true?

A.    You can upgrade at any time with no additional requirements.
B.    You have to purchase all licenses again.
C.    You need an upgrade license.
D.    You need a new SD card.
E.    You can upgrade only at midnight.

Answer: C

How many external expansion modules may be added to an IP Office 500v2 for maximum capacity without an expansion module base card?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    14
D.    18

Answer: B
Which two protocols are used to transfer upgrade files to Avaya telephones? (Choose two.)

A.    NTP
B.    TFTP
C.    HTTP
D.    SMTP

Answer: BC

A customer engages some sales reps who are only in the office occasionally. They will share the same telephone. Which user profile will you configure for this scenario?

A.    Remote Manager
B.    No User
C.    Standard User
D.    Agent
E.    Hot Desk User

Answer: E

For three which endpoints is it possible to reserve endpoint licenses? (Choose three.)

A.    TCM endpoints
B.    H.323 endpoints
C.    IP DECT endpoints
D.    MOH endpoints
E.    3rd party IP endpoints

Answer: BCE

Which Short Code type has the highest priority when dialing a number on an IP Office terminal?

A.    Route
B.    Line
C.    System
D.    User

A technician has configured a new media gateway by connecting to the serial port for the MGC and entering network information for the card as well as the IP address for the Primary call server. When the MGC reboots, the faceplates displays UNRG. The Call Server console `IPMG registration denied’.
What should be done to solve this problem?

A.    Ping from the MGC to the call server over the E-LAN
B.    Check to ensure the TLAN cable for the MGC is connected and active
C.    Check to ensure the IPMG has been configured on the call server
D.    Power cycle the MGC card to force it to register

Answer: C
A technician is upgrading an option 11C Rls. 5x to a communication server 1000E SA Rls. 7x based on a CPPM CS, COTS SS with 4 chassis media gateway (MG), 100IP sets, 124 digital sets, 30 analog sets and one PR12 DID connection for the incoming and outgoing calls cannot be made from all type of the sets except for the sets in MG3.
When the technician is finished with the upgrade it is noticed during the acceptance testing that outgoing calls cannot be made from all type of the sets except for the sets in mG3. All the sets have dial tone.
Which statement describes what is causing this issue?

A.    The PR 12 loop disabled in MG3
B.    The DB 128 is not installed in MG3
C.    The COTS Signaling Server is faulty
D.    All MGs are unregistered except MG3

Answer: D
A customer has deployed a Communications Server 1000Rls. 7x system at their site. Their sales department is expanding and has asked that five new telephones be added with the same capabilities as the existing telephones in the department.
Which programming command should be used to complete this task?

A.    Move to DN
B.    Move from DN
C.    Copy from DN
D.    Copy from TN

Answer: D
A technician is planning an upgrade for a customer’s Communication Server (CS) 1000E Release 6.0 system to Release 7x.
Which two features are now to the Release 7x Deployment manager? (Choose two)

A.    Pre-configuration Remote Installation
B.    Auto-select servers to which applications can be deployed
C.    One-Touch System Upgrade
D.    Auto-Select of the correct application file

Answer: AC
Click the Exhibit button. A technician is performing an upgrade of existing Communication Server 1000E Rls. 6.0 servers from the Deployment Servers. The system is pre-configured and the status is un-deployed. The server has been selected, but the Deployment Actions pull-down list does not include the choice to deploy.

Which two corrective actions must be taken to continue with deployment? (Choose two)

A.    Click the radio button associated with the server
B.    Click the Disable NFS button
C.    Click the Commit button
D.    Click the add Linux Server button

Answer: A
A technician is planning to upgrade a customer’s existing Communication Server 1000E Rls. 6.0 system. During the upgrade, a CPPM server card from storage will be added to provide an additional signaling server.
Which two statements describes what must be done to the CPPM server card to distinguished it as a signaling Server (Choose two)

A.    Set switch 5 to position 1.
B.    Set switch 5 to position 2.
C.    Install one Compact Flash Drive (RMD) and one Hard Drive (FMD)
D.    Install one Compact Flash Drives (one RMD and one FMD)

Answer: BD
A customer with a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls..5.5 with two IPMGs is upgrading their system to release 7 x. The Upgrade system will have two IP media Gateways.
Which two statements are true regarding DSP resources for the IP Media gateways in the Upgrade System? (Choose two)

A.    DSP resources are no longer required for inter-IOMG calls.
B.    DSP resources are localized to particular IPMG where the DSP resource is locted.
C.    DSP resources are considered system resources and are not localized.
D.    DSP resources are required for TDM to local calls

Answer: BC
A technician is planning on upgrade of an option 11C 5 x system to a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7 x System with CPMG Co-resident Call server and Media Gateway Controller.
To perform the Linux Base software installation on the CPMG which component is required?

A.    Bootable Compact Flash (1 Gigabyte)
B.    Bootable USB drive/disk (2 Gigabyte)
C.    External CDROM drive
D.    Bootable Compact Flash (2 Gigabyte)

Answer: B
A customer is preparing to install software on the CPMG server and would like to display the boot sequence on the system terminal for the BIOS, BOOT ROM, and operating System.
Which port on the CPMG server provides this information?

A.    Frontface TTY port 2
B.    Frontface TTY PORT 1
C.    Backplane 3-port connection TTY port 0
D.    Frontface embedded LAN (ELAN) port 0

Answer: B
A customer has completed the installation of the Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7 x system and wants to access Base Manager to configure and provision the Linux Base.
Which two actions are true regarding access Base manager? (Choose two)

A.    Base Manager is accessible from the UCM element list
B.    Base Manager is accessible from Deployment Manager
C.    Base Manager is accessible via centralized login for standalone Linux servers
D.    Base Manager is accessible on every server with Linux Base in or out of a security domain

Answer: AC

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