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Johnis a member of Group A and Group B.
The following permission set is created:
Group A has ‘Read’ Permission.
Group B has ‘Delete’ Permission.
Johan has ‘Version’ Permission.
dm_world has ‘Nome’ Permission.
What access will be given to John when the permission set is assigned to an object?

A.    None
B.    Read
C.    Delete
D.    Version

Answer: C

Which statement is true regarding the creation and use of private permission sets in a repository?

A.    A user creates and modifies a permission set.
Only that user can apply the permission set.
B.    A user creates and modifies a permission set.
That user can assign other users to apply the permission set.
C.    The system administrator creates a permission set for a user.
The user modifies the permission set as needed.
D.    A user cannot create a private permission set in a repository.
All permissions sets in a repository are created and modified by system administrators.

Answer: A

What extended permission is required to move an object from one folder to another folder?

A.    copy location
B.    move location
C.    update location
D.    change location

Answer: D

What distinguishes a permission set template from a normal permission set?

A.    A permission set template cannot be deleted, while a normal permission set can be deleted.
B.    A permission set template can be applied to workflows and lifecycles, while a normal
permission set cannot.
C.    A permission set template can only be used by administrators, while a normal permission set can be used by all users.
D.    A permission set template contains one or more alias references, while a normal permission set only contains explicit references.

Answer: D

Which action requires Write permission to an object’s folder if folder security is enabled?

A.    view an object
B.    version an object
C.    copy an object to another folder
D.    move an object to another folder

Answer: D

Which Content Server feature can restrict a user from copying an object from one cabinet to another cabinet, even when the user has the appropriate permissions on the object?

A.    group security
B.    folder security
C.    cabinet security
D.    object type security

Answer: B

Which benefit can a workflow provide without customizations?

A.    delegate tasks
B.    change security
C.    validate attributes
D.    change content location

Answer: A

What is a workflow package?

A.    It is an activity that is performed by the author.
B.    It is a list of states that enables automatic processing.
C.    It is a group of events that is used to process activities.
D.    It is a container that holds the object to pass via the input flow.

Answer: D

In which state is a workflow, when a superviser stops the workflow?

A.    halted
B.    finished
C.    dormant
D.    terminated

Answer: A

What is a workflow?

A.    It is a formalized business process that is automated.
B.    It is a stateless set of functions used to process work.
C.    It is a set of states that define the stages in a document’s life.
D.    It is a business process that allows work to flow from one location to another.

Answer: A

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