Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (51-60)

An in-line password authentication scheme validates the user against _____.

A.    an LDAP server
B.    a Windows domain
C.    the local operating system
D.    a password stored in thedm_user object

Answer: D

When using LDAP authentication, what does Documentum copy to the Content Server?

A.    only users and groups
B.    only users and permissions
C.    only groups and permissions
D.    users, groups, and permissions

Answer: A

Which are correct values for the Client Capability setting of a user?

A.    Consumer, Owner
B.    Superuser, Coordinator
C.    Reviewer, System Administrator
D.    Contributor, System Administrator

Answer: D

Which statement is true about a standard group in the respository?

A.    It can have permission set as members.
B.    It can be imported from an LDAP server.
C.    It can be used to enablefunctionallity in Webtop.
D.    It can be searched from Advanced Search inWebtop.

Answer: B

What is required to enable a client to add members to a dynamic group?

A.    application configuration
B.    application programming
C.    Content Server configuration
D.    Content Server programming

Answer: B

When using Webtop, how will the group name “Engineering Department” be stored in the respository?

A.    Engineering Department
B.    Engineering_Department
C.    engineering department

Answer: C

What is the maximum character length on a group name?

A.    16
B.    32
C.    64
D.    256

Answer: B

Which statement is true about a role?

A.    Only aSuperuser can create a role.
B.    The Content Server enforces roles.
C.    A role can be added to another role.
D.    A role is a sub-type ofdm_group object.

Answer: C

A domain group _____.

A.    contains all users logging in through a particular Windows domain
B.    is used to assign object-level permissions to all members of the group
C.    contains a set of role groups corresponding to the roles recognized by the client application
D.    provides a layer of security by allowing you to dynamically control who can be treated by Content Server as a member of a group

Answer: C

Which statement is true about roles and client capability?

A.    Both are sub-types ofdm_group.
B.    Client capability settings override role settings inWebtop.
C.    They are used by client applications to enable/disable functionality.
D.    Client capabilities cannot be extended without also extending roles.

Answer: C

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