Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass EMC E20-120 Exam Questions (231-240)

Aliases can be used as placeholders for _____.

A.    keywords
B.    user names
C.    object names
D.    email addresses

Answer: B

What can an alias reference?

A.    a group of documents
B.    the performer of a lifecycle
C.    a folder path in the repository
D.    the components of a virtual document

Answer: C

You are creating a manual that will be approved and published quarterly. Since this manual will be edited by several individuals, you have decided to use the virtual document feature. Most sections will be updated and approved each quarter for publication. This does not include the legal section, which will only be approved once a year, but legal still may make changes through the year. How do you ensure that the legal edits will not be included in the quarterly publications?

A.    You create an annual snapshot of the virtual document.
B.    Virtual documents will ensure that the right copy is used.
C.    You fix the version of the legal section in the virtual document.
D.    You need custom code to attach the section each time the virtual document is published.

Answer: C

Using Webtop, you want to add some files from your local file system to an existing virtual document as new components. The Drag and Drop plug-in is not enabled.
How can you accomplish this?

A.    add the files directly as components of the virtual document
B.    drag the files from the file system to the Virtual Document Manager
C.    copy the files to the Clipboard and then create the components from the Clipboard
D.    import the files to the repository and add the new objects as components of the virtual document

Answer: D

An existing database table containing ZIP codes needs to be used by a Documentum application for data entry validation.Which DQL command can be used to make this table accessible to Documentum?


Answer: D

What is a key benefit of using DocApps?

A.    enhanced user security
B.    portability between repositories
C.    convenient method of importing user accounts
D.    integration of workflows with virtual documents

Answer: B

What do Extended User privileges allow a user to do?

A.    configure audit trails
B.    change location of an object
C.    delete system-level permission sets
D.    change permission sets on an object

Answer: A

Which action can be performed by a user with a Client Capability setting of Coordinator, but not by a user with a Client Capability setting of Contributor?

A.    initiate a workflow
B.    view hidden objects
C.    create new document
D.    modify a virtual document

Answer: B

Which statement about the Documentum enterprise content management platform is true?

A.    Content files are stored within a relational database by default.
B.    Fetching a document based on its r_object_id will return all versions of the document.
C.    Each object must have at least one content file.
D.    A document can be linked to multiple folders.

Answer: D

Which architecture improves content upload and download performance in a single- repository distributed environment?

A.    object replication
B.    Site Caching Services
C.    Branch Office Caching Services
D.    a federation

Answer: C

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