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You need to find all the documents created and updated within a month. Using Webtop’s Advanced Search feature, on which attribute should you search?

A.    Create Date
B.    Modified Date
C.    Effective Date
D.    Last Accessed Date

Answer: B

You are using Webtop to perform a search. You need to display a ‘subject’ column in the search result list. Where do you perform this configuration?

A.    Preferences screen
B.    Simple Search screen
C.    Saved Search screen
D.    Advanced Search screen

Answer: A

Using the Simple Search feature of Webtop, if you enter ‘Specification’ as your search parameter, what will the search result contain?

A.    all versions of documents that contain ‘Specification’ in their names
B.    the current versions of documents that contain ‘Specification’ in their names
C.    all versions of documents and renditions that contain ‘Specification’ in their names
D.    the current versions of documents and renditions that contain ‘Specification’ in their names

Answer: B

Full Text Search is not enabled in the repository. A user executes a Simple Search in Webtop for ‘Journal Entry.’The search will return all the documents containing _____.

A.    only the word ‘Journal Entry’ in theobject_name, title, AND subject attribute
B.    only the word ‘Journal Entry’ in theobject_name, title OR subject attribute
C.    only the word ‘Journal’ and the word ‘Entry’ in theobject_name, title OR subject attribute
D.    only the word ‘Journal’ and the word ‘Entry’ in theobject_name, title AND subject attribute

Answer: C

A user performs a search on a folder using Webtop’s Advanced Search feature and finds no items. The system administrator performs the same search and finds 100 documents.Which statement is is true?

A.    The user has only ‘None’ access to both documents and the folder.
B.    The user has only ‘None’ access to the documents within the folder.
C.    The user has only ‘None’ access to the folder where the document resides.
D.    The user has only ‘None’ access to the cabinet where the folder resides.

Answer: B

What is a virtual document?

A.    Documentum’s representation of a multi-page TIFF image in the repository
B.    a container object in aDocumentum repository that can contain member objects of any format
C.    a concept developed byDocumentum to describe how renditions of objects relate to their originals
D.    an XML document that lives on the Internet and is updated and maintained by a community of users

Answer: B

Virtual documents in a Documentum repository provide a way to _____.

A.    streamline the production of documents by normalizing their formats
B.    ensure data integrity by enforcing access control at the document level
C.    capture user actions byvirtualizing the documents upon which they work
D.    combine multiple documents in multiple formats into a single document

Answer: D

What is a benefit of virtual documents?

A.    Their components can be edited independently.
B.    Their structure is inherently easier to understand.
C.    They allow metadata to exist without actual content.
D.    They have less restrictive ACLs governing their access.

Answer: A

In Webtop, clicking on a virtual document will _____.

A.    open the Virtual Document Manager
B.    open all the documents in Microsoft Word
C.    revert the document to a simple document
D.    open the parent document in Microsoft Word

Answer: A

The Content Server can be configured to automatically parse and organize imported compound XML documents using which type of organizational structure?

A.    renditions
B.    lifecycle states
C.    virtual documents
D.    dm_relation objects

Answer: C

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